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Dodge Charger Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The sideview mirror on a Dodge Charger helps a driver see things that would otherwise be in the blind spot of normal vision. A broken mirror should be replaced by a new one that fits perfectly. The new mirror could even improve some of the aesthetics of the Dodge, depending on the style of the Dodge part you choose.

What are heated sideview mirrors?

In environments where the weather is cold, your view can be obstructed when ice or snow sticks to the mirror's glass. Ice and snow can be melted if the mirrors use heat to facilitate the process. Heated sideview mirrors get their heat from a connection to the rear defroster. After you turn on the rear defroster, the resulting heat should clear away any ice or snow covering the glass. Owners driving a Dodge Charger or truck in a region where winter weather is harsh may wish to consider upgrading from a non-heated setup.

What is replacement glass for a Dodge?

Replacement glass provides a new mirror for the vehicle by affixing it to the old glass with a stick-on adhesive. You may choose to use the glass on your car as a temporary fix when the mirror is cracked. Make sure the replacement corresponds to the exact make and model of your Dodge vehicle to make sure it fits properly.

What are wide-angled mirrors?

Wide-angled mirrors are second mirrors that mount above the primary glass or within the casing connected to the Dodge. Since they support the primary side view, they are frequently prefixed by the term "auxiliary side view." As the name suggests, the wide angle provides an additional, larger field of view when looking into the glass. Those Dodge owners wishing to further decrease blind spots may want to look closer at these available items.

What is a chrome side-view restoration part?

Replacing the original with a casing made from the same car body material of the Dodge is not the only option. Another option is to choose a chrome one. Actually, the casing that holds the glass may be made of steel. The steel is covered in a chrome plating that adds to the aesthetic look.

What is the difference between manual and power mirrors?

A manual mirror on a Dodge is one that must be adjusted by hand. A power version installed in the vehicle is electronically controlled. Once properly positioned, the reflection on the glass should do what is expected of it.