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Dodge Caravan Exterior Mirrors

When you drive your Dodge Grand Caravan, you are required to have exterior mirrors that help you see the space around you. At some point, you may want to upgrade these mirrors. Since there are many different options when it comes to looking for exterior mirrors for your Dodge Grand Caravan, you want to make sure that the mirrors you choose will work for you and your needs.

What types of exterior mirrors are available?

When it comes to exterior mirrors for vehicles, there are two main types:

  • Power mirrors. These electric mirrors allow you to adjust them from inside the vehicle. The mirrors are usually connected to controls on the inside of the driver-side door for convenience and ease.
  • Manual mirrors. These mirrors can be adjusted by hand and are able to be moved even if the car is off or loses power.
What features do power mirrors for Dodge vehicles have?

Power mirrors designed for the Dodge Grand Caravan have a number of features that can make driving and parking safer:

  • Defrosters. Exterior mirrors with defrosters on the Dodge Caravan can be heated up in order to melt off ice and snow, allowing you to safely check your blind spots in snowy weather.
  • Memory. Dodge Caravan mirrors with memory options allow you to set preferences for a number of drivers. This saves time so that you do not have to fiddle with your exterior mirrors every time you need to drive.
  • Auto Dimming. These mirrors dim when they detect bright light, so sudden reflections or bright headlights will not temporarily blind you late at night.
  • Signal Lights. These mirrors have lights that are connected to your turn signals, so other drivers can see your intentions more clearly.
  • Puddle Lights. Puddle lights are small lights on the bottom of the exterior mirrors that turn on when you open the car door, lighting your step out of the car.
  • Electric folding. Some exterior mirrors can electronically fold in towards the vehicle when you park, reducing the risk of them being hit by other parking cars.
What kinds of mirror glass are there to choose from?

There are generally three types of glass used in exterior mirrors:

  • Flat glass. Flat glass is usually found on the driver-side exterior mirror.
  • Convex glass. Convex glass curves outward and is often found on the passenger-side mirror, in order to give the driver a wider view of traffic on the far side of their car.
  • Tinted glass. Tinted glass is also available for exterior mirrors and can come is colors such as blue or gray. The tint will help cut down on bright glares.