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Chrysler Pacifica Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Exterior mirrors provide you with visibility so that you can see to the sides and rear of your Chrysler Pacifica while you are changing lanes, backing out of a parking space, or preparing to pass another vehicle. The mirrors are a key part of the safety and visibility features installed onto the automobile. The mirrors extend out from the body of the Pacifica, and a replacement of the original part may be needed in order to keep your Chrysler vehicle fully functional and road-worthy.

What are the features of exterior mirrors for Chrysler Pacificas?
  • Automatic angle adjustment: The electronics of the mirrors allow you to adjust their angle with the push of a four-way control button on the door of your Chrysler minivan.
  • Heated: An electric heating element behind the glass of the mirror helps to eliminate beads of moisture, ice or snow accumulations, and condensation that impairs your view. These were standard equipment for the Touring model of the automobile.
  • Blind spot magnification: The driver's side and passenger's side mirrors and rear view mirrors are available with blind spot magnification windows in a corner of the glass. This provides you with an enhanced view of areas around your vehicle that are otherwise difficult to see.
How do you choose an exterior mirror for the Pacifica?
  • Select the placement on the vehicle: Choose exterior mirrors for the front or back of your Chrysler minivan. You also need to select left or right placement for the mirror's assembly.
  • Choose the manufacturer: There are many brands of exterior mirrors for the Pacifica, including Chrysler, Dorman, Kool Vue, and Mopar. There are also unbranded exterior mirrors available. You will also need to select the year of your minivan, as different model years have slightly different mirror size fittings and requirements.
  • Select a full mirror assembly kit or replacement parts: Choose replacement glass for the exterior mirror, the entire mirror with housing, or mirror with assembly and mounting arm as a kit.
How do you clean exterior mirrors for Chrysler Pacificas?

Bird droppings, splashes from puddles, sprays from minivans near you on the road, and other residue can get onto the mirror of your Pacifica. It is important to keep the glass of the mirror clean so that you can enjoy full functionality and visibility. Prompt removal of bird droppings and sap from trees is also important in order to avoid damage to the mirrored glass. Use a mild dish washing detergent and a sponge to remove residue on the mirror. Once the residue is gone, rinse the mirror with plain water. Mix one part white vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle. Mist the mirror with the mixture. Dry it in a circular motion with a clean microfiber cloth.