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Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Car & Truck Exterior Mirrors

Chevrolet Silverado exterior mirrors allow you to see areas behind your truck and even possible vehicles in your peripheral vision or blind spots. Whether you want the standard mirror that comes with the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD or a deluxe version with extra features, you can find the part you need. Always make sure you check your Chevrolet owner's manual before installing new parts on your Silverado.

What are the key features of a Silverado Exterior mirror?
  • Powered adjustment
  • Trailer tow options available
  • Telescopic
  • Heated glass
  • Turn signal
How do you remove your old exterior mirror?

Unlike other models, you do not need to remove the door panel to install the electric component for your exterior mirror replacement. Follow this procedure to detach your old mirror:

  1. Put your window into the down position and shut off your truck.
  2. Remove the triangular side view mirror cover from inside the door panel. Because it snaps into place, this should be fairly simple though you may need to use something to pry it open.
  3. Remove the foam insulator and unplug the power supply to the mirror using a slotted screwdriver to press in the plug connector snap lock.
  4. Using a 10mm socket, remove the three retaining nuts used to fasten the mirror on the truck. Be sure not to drop these nuts inside the door.
  5. Remove the mirror by gently pulling it up and down.
How do you install a side view mirror?

For this project, you will need a 10mm socket.

  1. Make sure you have your window down and that your engine is shut off. Also, make sure to remove the triangular side view mirror cover and foam as well.
  2. Gently slide the mirror power cable through the hole behind the cover piece.
  3. While holding the mirror in place, use the 10mm socket to screw the nuts back into place, fastening the mirror.
  4. Plug in the power cable. It should snap into place.
  5. Return the foam piece to the compartment and snap the cover back into place.
What are the critical features of Silverado tow mirrors?

The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD is a very efficient and powerful work truck. To know if tow mirrors are right for it, here are some key features about adding a tow mirror to your Chevrolet.

  • Tow mirrors are designed to extend and retract length so the driver can see all angles.
  • Upper mirrors are operated with power adjustment.
  • Lower mirrors are convex and adjust manually to account for blind spots.
  • They are heated, and the heaters operate using the rear window defrost control.