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Exterior Mirrors for Chevrolet Cruze

Part of both the safety and design of the Chevy Cruze are the exterior mirrors. These parts are designed to help your range of vision around your vehicle and look good doing it. With a wide selection of exterior mirrors to choose from, you can find the replacements you need for your Chevrolet Cruze.

How do you adjust the mirrors in a Chevy Cruze?

In many newer models of the Chevrolet Cruze, there is a control knob on the armrest in the front left seat. Here you can select either the right or left mirror to move up, down, left, or right to suit your needs. The engine does not need to be running in your vehicle to adjust your mirrors with the electronic system on the armrest. You will need to turn the key in your Chevrolet to the first setting in order to activate the electronics, but your engine does not need to ignite to change the angles.

How do you add blind spot mirrors to exterior mirrors?

The Chevrolet Cruze sedan's side mirrors are designed to give you a good idea of what is happening behind you, but while driving through traffic on the highway, the blind spot mirrors help to extend that line of sight to directly beside you. In this way, the driver can see a vehicle in his or her mirrors until it enters his sight through his peripherals, eliminating the blind spot. Use the following instructions to add a blind spot mirror to your Cruze.

  1. Use glass cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface of your Chevy mirrors, so the adhesive on the back of the blind spot mirror will hold tight. Be sure to completely dry off your mirror after cleaning it.
  2. Peel off the cover on the back of your mirrors to reveal the adhesive.
  3. Place the mirror at the bottom of your exterior mirrors either as close to the outside or as close to your door as possible.
Do Chevrolet Cruze mirrors have a heating feature to defrost?

Yes, Chevrolet does have exterior mirrors that can defrost when the weather outside is icy. When selecting which Chevrolet mirrors you would like, be sure to see if this feature is included. The heat should be activated when you turn on your vehicle's heater to the defrost section to clear the ice or fog from your windows.

How do you install new exterior mirror on a Cruze?

Once you are certain you have selected the correct style that fits your model per the manufacturer's specifications, use the following steps to install the new mirror on your Cruze.

  1. Be sure your engine is off and the battery disconnected, as you will be working with electrical components in your Chevrolet.
  2. From one of the front seats, pry the cover loose in the top part of your door next to the window near the dash, then pull the wiring harness out and disconnect it.
  3. Using a 10-millimeter socket attachment, remove the bolts behind the cover. Taking hold of the mirror, remove it by sliding it free of the clip holding it in place.
  4. Insert the new mirror's clip in place of the old, and screw in the bolts.
  5. Plug back in the wiring harness ,and replace the cover to finish installing your new Cruze exterior mirror.