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Buick Century Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The side view mirrors on your Buick Century sedan are easy to take for granted. With a quick check of the left and right mirrors before you change lanes, you are offered the confidence that your lane change will be a safe one. If one of your Buick Century mirrors is broken or missing, however, quick replacement is required in order to drive safely.

What types of mirrors are available for your Buick Century?

A vehicle's side view mirrors are more of a commodity; that is, they are more easily replicated generically than other parts of your Buick, such as the instrument cluster. Therefore, there are both generic and OEM side view mirrors available for your Buick Century sedan that should perform well. Another option, if your side view mirrors aren't damaged, is to consider blind spot mirrors, which provide you with more views from different angles, offering you greater awareness of what's going on around your vehicle.

How do you choose the right Buick Century mirrors?

Buick, long-positioned as a more upscale line of vehicles, typically equips its models with power accessories, including power mirrors. The Buick Century is no different, having essentially the same mirror design for the model years from 1997-2005. This means you must get mirrors specifically designed for your Buick Century to ensure that the wires that supply power to the mirrors connect correctly and securely. Side view mirrors for your Buick Century vehicle are not available as there are no levers in your Buick Century to be able to adjust mirrors manually.

How do you install mirrors on your Buick Century?

Since the mirror power supply is located in the Buick Century's door, the replacement of your mirror is somewhat more complex than you might think. However, with the right tools on hand as well as plenty of time, this is a project that you should be able to tackle yourself.

  • First, remove the interior door trim and then unhook all power supply cables.
  • Second, disconnect the mirror's power cable and then unbolt it from the car door.
  • Third, attach the new mirror by bolting it to the car door, installing the weather gasket, and hooking up the power cord.
  • Fourth, reconnect all other power supply cables, and reinstall the interior door trim.
  • Finally, test your new mirror to make sure it works properly in all directions.