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Mazda Miata Antennas

When the antenna on your Mazda MX-5 Miata bends or breaks due to wear, you'll need to find a replacement one to listen to the radio as you drive. Thankfully, getting a replacement antenna is not a complicated process. Understanding more about how Mazda Miata antennas work and what types will work with your Mazda is important before making a purchase.

What kinds of antennas are there?

The job of all antennas is to transmit AM and FM radio waves from local stations and satellite to your Mazda MX-5 Miata's receiver as you drive. Many antennas extend from the body of the Mazda Miata to obtain the radio waves and not have the radio waves get distorted by the Mazda Miata's metal surface. Some models of antenna are embedded into the car itself.

  • Whip antennas: A whip antenna is the classic antenna shape: a long, whiplike rod of metal that is fixed to the roof or the hood of the vehicle with a specific kind of mount.
  • Telescopic antennas: Designed to be pulled out or retracted like telescopes, some whip antennas can be extended manually or automatically. Powered antennas have an automatic engine that allows you to retract or extend them from the inside of the car as you drive. You can retract your antenna in case of potential hazards to your Mazda's antenna, such as low-hanging branches or car washes.
  • Windshield antennas: The least obtrusive kind of antenna for your vehicle, these are wires embedded into the glass of your windshield.
Why is the mounting of the antenna an important factor?

Replacing your Mazda MX-5 Miata's antenna is easier when you're replacing a part that's identical. Essentially, the entire setup of your Mazda MX-5 Miata already works with your replacement antenna, and there are few if any modifications or changes that need to be made. The mount is an important part of the installation process. You will need to determine if your Mazda features a pillar mount or a fixed mast mount.

  • Pillar mount: This kind of radio antenna is placed on the frame of the Mazda's door and then connected to your Miata's receiver.
  • Fixed mast mount: This is a common kind of mount and generally considered the least technically difficult model to install in the event of a replacement. This is the classic antenna mount placed on the hood or the roof of your vehicle.
How do you know what kind of antenna to get?

If you aren't sure what kind of antenna to get for your MX-5 convertible or roadster, keep the old antenna and mounting from your Miata if you still have them. Finding an antenna that matches your Miata antenna's make and model will make replacement much easier.