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Exhaust Systems for Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was a fast and sleek compact sports coupe produced between the years of 1989 and 2011 that saw four different generations and designs over its 23-year run, including a convertible option introduced in 1996. Mitsubishi is known for designing innovative sports cars, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse certainly fits that category. One critical system that allows the Eclipse to run as smoothly as it does is its well-designed exhaust system.

What are the parts in a Mitsubishi Eclipse exhaust system?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse has three distinct segments in its system along with connecting pieces to hold everything to the base of your Eclipse's engine. The different Eclipse generations have different exhaust designs, but the same three base parts have the same terminology used no matter which year or trim of vehicle you have.

  • Cylinder head: This component, also known as the manifold, collects all the exhaust gas from the individual cylinders of the engine. It's usually somewhat strangely shaped with multiple tubes all converging into one long tube as it has to reach each engine segment individually in order to collect the exhaust.
  • Catalytic converter: This is a part that utilizes a simple chemical reaction to turn toxic pollutants to less harmful emissions. These usually convert toxic gases like carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons to less damaging outputs like carbon dioxide and water.
  • Muffler: This is absolutely essential for reducing engine noise of your Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi's designs also can make the noise more pleasing, giving it a deep growl or roar depending on the model.
  • Gaskets and screws: Of course, none of these components could stay on your Eclipse without the requisite screws and gaskets. These will always come with the Mitsubishi exhaust kit and will be specific to that Mitsubishi kit.
How do you install an exhaust system in the Eclipse?

In the Eclipse, there are different systems for the different years and generations. However, all follow the same basic principles for installation. The three components — the head, the catalytic converter, and the muffler — will all be installed on the base of the body of the Mitsubishi at the same time. You should be able to connect the pieces prior to fitting the three-part system to the Mitsubishi Eclipse's body, and then simply use the gaskets and screws to properly secure it. Every kit you purchase will include an instruction manual you should consult in case there are specific extra steps.