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Honda Civic del Sol Exhaust Systems

In manual and automatic Honda models such as the Honda del Sol, the engine's efficiency can be increased by installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Due to the variety of adaptations available, those who drive professionally, casually, or are car hobbyists will find parts unique to their requirements. Below you will find pointers on selecting an exhaust system for the Honda Civic del Sol.

What exhaust systems are there for a Civic del Sol?

In general, there are three types of exhaust systems for Honda Civic del Sol.

  • Header-Back System: These replace the entire exhaust system, allowing you to increase efficiency throughout
  • Cat-Back System: This replaces everything from the catalytic converter back, requiring less work than a header-back system but still improving the vehicle's efficiency.
  • Axle-Back System: These systems replace everything from the rear axle to the exhaust tip in the del Sol. They are easier to install than the other two and still give the vehicle a pleasing sound.
Will exhaust systems increase Honda Civic del Sol's efficiency?

The efficiency of the del Sol will be increased by providing larger passages within the pipes for the engine to "breathe." Depending on the type of system (header-back, cat-back, or axle-back) that you choose, the efficiency can increase up to several horsepowers. In an aftermarket exhaust system, the bends in the pipes will allow a large volume of airflow, and the diameter of the pipes will typically be wider, allowing the car to expel exhaust easily.

What are features of aftermarket and stock exhaust?

For any model car including Hondas, stock exhausts will typically restrict air. When the pipes are bent for a stock system, they are typically "crimped" in a process called crush bending, reducing airflow by blocking the passage with the folds of metal. Instead, most aftermarket systems are bent with mandrel bending, which uses a rod inserted into the pipe to prevent it from developing kinks. This gives the exhaust space to flow.

What materials are Civic del Sol exhaust systems made from?

Typically, two materials make aftermarket exhaust systems for Hondas and other vehicles.

  • Milled Steel: Milled steel components are well-suited for vehicles in climates that are not prone to rust or excessive wear (i.e. near saltwater or in an area where it frequently snows)
  • Stainless Steel: For cars that need a more durable system, stainless steel provides more rust and corrosion resistance than milled steel
What exhaust configurations are there for the del Sol?

There are three types of exhaust configurations: single, dual, and crossover.

  • Single exhaust systems: Single exhaust systems are the most common type for the Civic, usually having one of each part including the muffler tip unless it is a "dual exit" system.
  • Dual exhaust systems: These have double every part from the catalytic converter back and everything in front remains the same.
  • Dual crossover systems: These are typically like dual exhaust systems for the Civic. They balance pressure evenly.