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Exhaust Systems for Honda Accord

While the number of options for performance exhausts for Honda Accord may seem overwhelming, there are several things you can consider to find the right parts. Honda Accord exhaust systems come in a range of styles, including stainless steel, cat, and axle-back configuration. They also come made by brands such as Magnaflow and Borla.

What are the types of performance exhausts for Honda Accord?

There are three main types of performance exhausts.

  • Header-back exhaust systems: Header-back systems replace all the components from the header collector to the muffler and exhaust tips, offering the largest increase in efficiency.
  • Cat-back exhaust systems: Cat-back exhaust systems replace everything from the catalytic converter to the muffler and exhaust tip, leaving the components in front the same.
  • Axle-back exhaust systems: This type of system replaces the components from the rear-axle of the Accord back. It is the simplest to install of the three.
What are some manufacturers of Honda Accord exhaust parts?

There are several main manufacturers of exhaust parts like exhaust pipes and mufflers for Accords. These include:

  • MagnaFlow: MagnaFlow is a maker of performance mufflers and exhaust components. The Magnaflow main office is located in California.
  • aFe POWER: aFe POWER also makes performance exhaust systems for both cars and trucks.
  • Borla: Borla is an exhaust system manufacturer that focuses on stainless steel parts, including mufflers and headers.
How are stock exhausts and aftermarket systems different?

In most cars, stock pipes are bent in a process called crush bending. This crimps them in order to bend them, which also restricts some flow from the engine. Aftermarket systems, however, typically bend them with a process called mandrel bending, which uses a flexible rod for the bending. This ensures the metal does not crimp and allows for the exhaust to flow freely through the exhaust system.

What materials are exhaust systems made from?

Most Honda Accord exhaust systems are made from one of two materials. These materials are mild steel and stainless steel. Mild steel mufflers and other components are suitable for cars that do not drive in areas that have snow or salt air to corrode the metal. Stainless steel, however, is fitting for vehicles in climates where corrosion and rust are more common. Stainless steel is incredibly durable and will last longer under harsh conditions.

Which exhaust configurations are there for a Honda Accord?

The three types of configurations are single, dual, and dual crossover exhaust systems. Single exhaust systems are found in most vehicles and only have one of each part from the header collector to the muffler and tailpipe. Dual exhausts have two of everything from the catalytic converter back, including mufflers and exhaust pipes. Dual crossover systems are similar to dual exhaust systems but also include a mechanism to balance pressure to each exhaust.