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Dodge Ram 1500 Exhaust Systems

For many of those that spend long hours in the cab of a Ram 1500, efficiency is a primary concern. One way to increase the truck's efficiency is by installing an exhaust system on your Dodge Ram 1500. With a wide selection of replacement Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust systems, you can be sure that your engine is making the most of its power.

How do exhaust systems for the Dodge Ram 1500 work?

Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust systems work by reducing the power that the vehicle needs to expel exhaust. In most standard systems, the pipes are bent in such a way that reduces airflow due to the crimping of the metal. Other exhaust systems use a different process to bend pipes that involves inserting a flexible rod in order to avoid blockages created by crimping. By avoiding barriers and using wider pipes, the engine needs to expend less power ridding itself of its exhaust.

What are Dodge aftermarket exhaust systems made out of?

Typically, Dodge exhaust systems are built from one out of two types of material: mild steel or stainless steel. Mild steel is fine for most Dodge Ram 1500 trucks, especially vehicles that do not drive in the snow or near salt very often. For Dodge Ram 1500 trucks that are at a greater risk of corrosion and rust damage, a stainless steel kit will be more durable and last longer under these conditions.

What are the differences between standard and performance exhaust systems?

While they serve the same purpose, standard and performance exhaust systems for the Dodge Ram 1500 are vastly different. Standard systems use a process called crush bending to bend pipes, restricting some airflow by having a barrier in the pipe. Performance parts are bent so the process does not obstruct airflow. Additionally, performance parts offer a greater variety of choices and styles that allow for different degrees of efficiency and complexity.

What are the different styles of exhaust systems?

There are three primary styles of exhausts for the Dodge Ram 1500 which sometimes include variations on the standard form. The main styles are:

  • Single exhaust: These are by far the most common configuration with one exhaust pipe and one of every other part.
  • Double exhaust: Double exhausts, as their name entails, have two exhaust pipes but only one of every part in front of the catalytic converter
  • Dual crossover: Dual crossover exhaust systems use a cross-pipe configuration to balance the pressure in a double exhaust setup
What kind of mufflers are there in Dodge kits?

Since mufflers are responsible for muting the noise of exhaust systems, mufflers come with different configurations of sound-reducing features like baffles and filters to produce different sounds. Muffler brands such as Flowmaster have ratings on how noticeable the sound from the muffler is. Some brands show the configuration of the baffles that makes it that way. However, regardless of the brand, be careful to balance the quality of muffler's sound with how much it obstructs the flow.