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Exedy Car and Truck Clutches and Parts

Clutches that are designed for modern cars and trucks have reliable mechanisms that interact with transmission and motor components. When a proper part is equipped, a driver will experience enhanced efficiency throughout racing, cruising, and towing routines. Exedy car and truck clutches are worth considering because each product is made for many kinds of cars and trucks, simplifies the mounting process, and offers performance that doesn't decrease on the road.

What is included in a general Exedy bundle?

A general automotive bundle that includes clutch components will have several flywheel items and various accessories. The mechanical pieces will have unique specifications that suit the hardware that's equipped under the hood of a modern or vintage vehicle. Because all bundles are unique, the number of clutch components that are bundled in a kit will vary. Most products will feature two flywheels, and a few bundles may include three mechanical pieces. Each accessory that's bundled with the flywheels can be used to secure the pieces in proper spots under the hood.

What special Exedy part options are available?

Many products that typically include two clutches without any accessories that were designed for mounting routines are available. Master cylinder components are offered as well, and they're typically packaged as a bundle. In a general master cylinder bundle, there are two components that are built for 2.2-liter and 2.3-liter engines. Exedy also designs a clutch line that provides benefits during professional maintenance situations.

What cars are designed for general Exedy clutches and cylinders?

The Exedy Pro-Lite kit has components that can be used with Acura RSX trims and various Civic vehicles. Flywheels for Integra B18 and B17 and Mazda automobiles are also available. These bundles only include cylinders that boost efficiency on the road. If you have a Ford vehicle, you can use any of the Cobalt HHR clutch options. OEM Cobalt clutch kits are typically built for 2.2-liter and 2.4-liter components. Many of these clutch options can be used with traditional vehicle trims and sporty automobile trims.

What are car and truck clutches and flywheels made from?

Car and truck clutches and flywheels that are designed by Exedy are constructed out of tough steel material. Because commercial-grade metals are used on the clutch housing, harsh temperatures won't harm the mechanisms that impact speed and torque. Each flywheel has a special coating that keeps the housing in optimum condition, so the product can handle dust, rain, and other environmental elements.

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