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Evinrude Boat Parts

The Evinrude company, manufacturer of boat parts, was founded in 1906 by Ole Johnson, who created innovative, reliable, and lightweight outboard engines. Evinrude merged with the Johnson corporation in 1936 to form the Outboard Marine Corporation and was acquired by Bombardier in 2000. As a testament to the companys continued innovation and design work, Evinrudes E-TEC direct injection system won the Environmental Protection Agencys Clean Air Excellence Award for its low emissions in 2004.

What is Evinrude’s direct injection system?

Direct injection is a fuel-delivery system with outboard engines that allows fuel to burn efficiently. A precise measurement of fuel is administered into the cylinder. This system allows good fuel economy, clean emissions, and enhanced power. With the E-TEC direct injection system, aluminum alloy material adds extra strength. Developed by NASA, the alloy adds more durability to the pistons. The direct injection system enables the engine to produce its own electricity. Plus, the self-generated electricity is good for the environment.

What is the largest outboard engine you should use?

Motor boats that are smaller than 20 feet long, and those boats built in the United States after 1972, are required by law to have plates affixed to the boats. This practice provides the allowed specifications. The plate tells the maximum horsepower your boat can handle along with the maximum weight of the boat, engine, passengers, and gear. Boats larger than 20 feet in length will either have a capacity plate like that on a smaller boat, or the maximum engine horsepower will be indicated in your owners manual.

What are the different types of outboard propellers?

There are outboard propellers which typically have either three blades or four blades made from a variety of materials such as composite, aluminum, and stainless steel.

What is the difference between three-blade and four-blade props?

Three-blade props are designed for speed, while four-blade props are designed to have a superior lift, water displacement capacity, and grip. Four-blade props work well in rough waters, in currents, or when moving at low speeds.

What types of outboard motors are available?

The outboard motors include the E-TEC (from 15 to 150 HP), the E-TEC G2 (from 150 to 300 HP), The Jet Series 40, 60, or 105 HP), The Pontoon Series (90 and 115 HP), and Portables (3, 6, 9.8, 15 HP). There is also the MFE series of outboard motors, which is only available to the military.

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