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Etrian Odyssey

A revival of classic dungeon-crawling role-playing games for the Nintendo 3DS, the Etrian Odyssey series is known for its brutal difficulty and extensive mapmaking features. Five initial entries in the series were released during a period of 10 years and have allowed fans of the series to hearken back to the roots of essentially all video games and pen and paper role-playing games. From its dazzling art styles to brutal encounters with F.O.E.s, the games have a knack for being extremely rewarding once completed.

Are the Etrian Odyssey games connected?

The release of five main games in the series Atlus, along with two remakes of the first two games, means that there is much speculation about the connections between the different versions of "Etrian Odyssey." While it is never stated outright they are connected, there are clues that can be gathered from game lore that ties them together. From a central calamity to different labyrinths named Yggdrasil, there are several overarching stories that weave through all. Some of the story moments in the Etrian Odyssey series take place at different times and give different insight into who or what happened in the past that caused civilization to be wiped out.

How difficult are the Etrian Odyssey titles?

The games are notorious for their difficult nature. From starting with essentially a blank canvas to explore and a party the player has to create all by himself or herself, the difficulty can be seen as another aspect to take into account when playing the game. Knowing how to balance a party with different classes and abilities that will benefit the dungeon traversal is key to succeeding and continuing the exploration. Many enemies have little-known or hidden weaknesses that players must discover for themselves. Also, as an added challenge, there are monstrous enemies on the maps known as F.O.E.s.

What is an F.O.E.?

In the English version, they are known as Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens, or F.O.E.s for short. These massive optional bosses will more than likely steamroll a player the first time one encounters them. The good news is that they are almost always visible on the map of the labyrinth that players can see at all times. When the player takes a move in the dungeon, the F.O.E. moves as well, so a player must calculate the moves and learn to avoid them at first. There are three different icons for F.O.E.s on a map, each one representing how much difficulty they pose to the player from none to extreme. While they are optional, some of the most powerful gear can only be made from rare material drops from defeated F.O.E.s.

What kind of characters or classes are in "Etrian Odyssey?"

One of the mainstays of the series has always been a diverse selection of classes and character models. This allows players to tailor their party to any situation they might run across. Some of the more iconic classes are the knight-like Landsknecht class and the magic-wielding Arcanist class. There is also the option to select a secondary class.

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