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Connect to What Matters with an Ethernet Female-to-Female Cable Splitter

Nothing matches the speed and security of a wired internet connection. At the same time, getting those wires from the wall to your computer can prove to be a challenge. With an Ethernet female-to-female cable splitter, you can easily connect the cables you need to get yourself online.

What types of Ethernet cable splitters are available?

The following options are available:

  • Single: This is the most common type of cable splitter, consisting of two female Ethernet (RJ-45) jacks fused together into one unit. These units allow you to hook multiple cables together, providing for a longer cable run.
  • Dual: These allow you to run two devices from one cable, serving as a portable double-port ethernet wall plate. The two outputs can either be plugged directly into a device or used in conjunction with another unit to provide a longer cable.
  • Double-Purpose: These are similar to a single cable splitter, except that they have a single telephone connector built-in, as well. This allows you to extend both your wired internet and wired phone connection with one device.
  • Multi-Device: This is a board that distributes a single ethernet connection to multiple devices, serving as both a distributor and signal amplifier. If you run a network or have several internet-connected devices, this is a good solution.
How do you select an ethernet cable splitter?

Use the following as a guide for your selection:

  • Size of space: Especially if you have plenty of Ethernet cables, but none of them are long enough to reach from the wall to your device, it's important to consider the size of your space to determine how many ethernet splitters you will need to provide the required length.
  • Number of devices: It's important to consider how many internet-connected devices you are running, as well as how many you might need to deploy in the future, to determine whether you need a single, double, or multi-device splitter.
  • Color: Despite their utilitarian purpose, Ethernet splitters come in a wide variety of colors. If the unit is visible, you may consider selecting one that will match your decor.
  • Speed: Given the different speed standards currently in use (Cat5e, Cat6a, Cat7), it's important to make sure you select a unit that is rated for the highest speed your space utilizes to ensure it doesn't cause a bottleneck in Internet speeds.
How do you maintain an Ethernet splitter?

Since your Ethernet splitter serves as a crucial link between your internet-connected device and the source of your internet, it's important to maintain it to ensure its proper operation. Understand where your devices are at all times, so they don't end up crushed under a piece of furniture or placed under a lot of unnecessary stress. In some cases, splitters are painted over to match the paint scheme. If your unit gets paint on it, remove it as soon as possible to prevent the deterioration of the plastic housing.

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