Keep Your Horses Comfortable and Happy Using Equine Fly Masks

Horses can be easygoing creatures, but they are not immune to the annoyance caused by buzzing flies. You can offer your equine friends a bit of comfort by giving them fly masks as face coverings. Take a look at the affordable fly masks for horses on eBay to find models that you like.

Main features of horse fly masks

All horse fly masks are meant to keep winged pests away from your favourite four-legged friends. However, different versions of the fly mask can include various features that make it nicer for your horse or easy for you to use. Here are a few of the common features you'll find when you look at fly masks for a horse:

  • Extendable - Most horse fly masks can cover the face area at a minimum. You can also find cheap masks that will extend to cover the entire nose. The flap stops at the edge of the nose to so that the horse's mouth is not covered.
  • Elastic fittings - The size of your horse fly mask can vary from one model to the next. However, you can choose a fly mask that has a stretchable surface designed to fit over most adult horse heads. See the manufacturer's site for details.
Are there different types of fly masks for horses?

In addition to choosing some of the features of your fly mask, you can also get various models that have designs that might work for your needs. The standard design covers the main part of the horse's face. Here are a few other types of fly masks for horses:

  • Ears - If you find that some of your horses seem bothered primarily by flies around the ears, you can get a hat-like mask that encases their ears. The materials in this mask still allow for a lightweight, breathable barrier.
  • Full - A full horse fly mask will encase the ears, cover the eyes, and go over the nose of the animal.
Purchasing pre-owned horse fly masks

If you want to kit out several of your equine companions at once, it's a good idea to take a look at the sets of used fly masks for horses that you can find on eBay. Purchasing a pre-owned fly mask from brands such as Zainee, Rambo, or Shires can be an efficient way to get the designs or types of masks that you might want at an affordable price.