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Add Color to You Documents with an Epson Printer

Epson color printers are available in a variety of different styles. Capable of a variety of tasks, different models are equipped with different features for particular uses. Caring for an Epson printer regularly can help it to be maximally efficient.

What types of printers are available?

Color printing devices are available in a variety of different styles, including:

  • Standard printing devices: These are what generally come to mind when considering a printer for the office or home. Paper feeds through one end and prints out documents from a computer. Standard printing devices are inkjet types that are equipped with individual ink cartridges in order to print a variety of colors as well as black.
  • All-in-one models: In addition to printing, these types may function as scanners and fax machines as well as copiers. Often, a top lid flips up to expose a glass surface utilized for the extra functions. These are also typically inkjet type utilizing black and color ink cartridges.
  • Label printers: These ink printers are specially designed to print sheets of labels with addresses, names, or other information.
  • CD/DVD printers: These function the same way as standard printers except for the media involved. Rather than paper, these machines print on audio and video media.
  • Large-format printers: These often work with larger sizes of paper and similar material like poster board and glossy poster paper.
  • Mobile printers: These can be connected to laptops or mobile devices in order to function in the field.
  • Workgroup printers: These allow for multiple devices to be connected at once in order to meet the needs of an entire workgroup rather than a single individual.
What connectivity are options for color printers from this brand?

Epson color devices of various types are equipped to handle connectivity including Bluetooth, Ethernet cords, parallel, PictBridge, USBs, and wireless connections. Each type of connectivity is a way to transfer information to the device in order to get it to generate a specific piece of information. You can use a USB port to connect a flash drive with a file on it that needs to be printed to hard copy.

What ranges of maximum resolution exist?

Maximum resolution ranges include 1200x2400, 2400x600, 4800x1200, 5760x1440, and 9600x2400 dots per inch (dpi). The resolution has to do with how pixelated an image looks once it is printed. The higher the resolution is, the less grainy the image looks.

How do you care for an Epson color printer?

Epson color printers can be wiped down periodically with a microfiber or soft, dry cloth to remove dust, debris, and ink residue that builds up in time. Being careful to avoid any openings in the machine, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the device. Refer to care instructions before attempting any detailed clean-up procedure.

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