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Finding the Right Epiphone Electric Guitar for Your Needs

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Epiphone is an American company that has been manufacturing guitars since 1873. The company's motto is “Performance is our Passion”, and if performance is your passion as well, then having one of these electric instruments is a great choice. You can find a wide variety of new and used Epiphone electric guitars on eBay at affordable prices.

The different body types available on eBay

There are three different body types for Epiphone guitars. These are:

  • Hollow body: Hollow body electric guitars have just that – a hollow body. Due to this hollowness, they produce a natural, open tone. These designs also tend to be bigger and boxier.
  • Semi-hollow: The semi-hollow design has only part of its body hollowed out. You will usually be able to tell what portion of the body is hollowed out, and each portion should give a different sound.
  • Solid: A solid design is made of solid wood, and there are no resonating airspaces inside the body. The sound will be lighter and twangier, compared to its hollow body counterpart.

Are there different product lines on eBay?

As Epiphone was bought by Gibson in 1957, you’ll find both Epiphone and Gibson instruments in the Epiphone product line. The product line includes:

  • Epiphone Les Paul: Designed to have a solid body, this instrument is a more affordable version of the Gibson Les Paul. Les Paul helped design the first solid electric guitar and the design is named after him.
  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro: Also known as the “tuxedo” Les Paul, this instrument was released in 1954 following the success of the Goldtop. Les Paul chose to customize this guitar with his signature touches: solid black, white, and gold hardware.
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro: This design is like the Les Paul Standard in sound, but it comes with a Flame maple top.
  • Gibson ES: This has a hollow body, and the ES means “Electric Spanish.”
  • Gibson Les Paul: This is the original Les Paul guitar, released in 1952. The designer is Gibson’s president, Ted McCarty, but Les Paul did have some design input. It has a solid body.
  • Gibson SG: This design has a solid mahogany body, and it was released in 1961.

Are there left-handed and right-handed designs?

Yes. In fact, on eBay’s category selections, you can choose features like left-handed designs, right-handed designs, string configurations, and the guitar size that you would like.

When you do pick left-handed guitars, for example, you will find new and used solid, hollow body, and semi-hollow guitars. Different product lines are available, too.

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