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Enjoy Hair Styling Products

Enjoy Hair Styling Products

Professional hairstylists use a wide range of tools and hair products to achieve everything from colorful mohawks to gorgeous, loose mermaid curls. Salon-level hair care products work to help correct the damage caused by hair dyes, chemical treatments, and heat. Enjoy is designed for regular use to help you nourish, protect, and defrizz each strand of hair.

Are Enjoy hair care products designed for all hair textures?

Enjoy hair care products are dedicated to supplying professional hairdressers with treatment plans for all hair textures. Each shampoo, conditioner, and control spray formula is designed to keep hair shiny and soft without weighing it down. To decide which product is right for your hair, first evaluate the condition of the hair by checking for breakage and other damage. Then, choose from the extensive line of Enjoy products to provide the treatment needed to enhance your unique texture.

How do Enjoy hair care systems achieve healthy looking hair?

Enjoy’s shampoo line includes Luxury Shampoo, Balancing Shampoo, Silver Platinum, and Volumizing Shampoo. These treatment options contain several necessary vitamins and proteins to help you grow strong, healthy hair. Enjoy also supplies professionals and those looking to enhance their own look with a variety of conditioners, clarifying sprays, blow dry lotions, and leave-in conditioners.

Enjoy Luxury Mask is recommended for severely damaged hair that is dry and unruly. A super-intensive shea butter and coconut oil formula works with over-processed hair to help prevent split ends. Enjoys ingredients are designed to enhance hairs silky sheen without excess oil.

Which Enjoy products help with styling and finishing?

Enjoy Shaping Lotion is a hair care product that can be used to help strengthen and define soft curls while adding shine and texture with a lightweight finish. This gentle product is applied to damp hair, then worked through with the hands or a brush to aid in flexibility and hold. The shaping lotion works to hold while maintaining manageability without a messy or flaky finish.

Enjoy Volumizing Mousse is applied directly to the root of the hair during the styling process to help with volume and texture. Its designed to provide a medium to firm hold, especially with thin or fine hair. Use with Enjoy Therapeutic Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner for the best results, then Apply Enjoy Finishing Spray before curling for maximum hold.

Enjoy Dry Wax works with several hair textures to give curls a firm, yet flexible hold. Apply before styling to avoid excess wax on dry hair.

Enjoy Finishing Spray is a quick drying solution for setting and styling. Apply this product after curling. Spray until the style and hold you seek is achieved.

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