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Engine Computers for Dodge Dakota

Your Dodge Dakota has an onboard computer system that controls nearly everything in your vehicle. If you're going to repair your vehicle, then you'll want to check this part like any other and see if you could benefit from a replacement. With a wide selection of engine computers for Dodge Dakota, you can find right replacement.

Which computer modules have been featured on the Dodge Dakota?

If you need to replace the engine computer in your Dodge, then you might get overwhelmed with the vast number of acronyms. This makes it look like there have been a large number of different computer modules used over the years. You don't have to worry if different modules carry different names, though. While engineers at Dodge have given them extremely specific names, all of the following three letter abbreviations refer to the computer module in the Dakota and essentially mean the same thing:

  • PCU
  • PCM
  • ECU
  • ECM
  • BeCM
What engine computer checks engine codes on a Dodge Dakota?

When the check engine light goes on, the onboard module begins transmitting engine codes. You can check these with a standard OBD II engine computer readout system. This computer should read trouble codes transmitted by all the versions of this truck. If you replace the module installed inside of the car body, then you will want to select a replacement that comes with the standard OBD II front jacks so you can interface with it.

What does a hybrid module mean?

Some older Dakota modules use a hybrid computer, which features a timing circuit that uses a lookup table burned into ROM chips to find calculated values instead of computing these dynamically. If you need to replace a hybrid module, then simply look for one that features the word hybrid in the name. Even though they don't calculate battery and transmission values in the same way as non-hybrid units, they're installed exactly the same way.

How do you reset a frozen engine computer?

If you disconnect the battery terminals on your Dakota and leave it for some time, then this should reset the computer to the original state. Drivers who are having problems with an oxygen sensor or a faulty transmission who are replacing the computer may want to do this several times in order to make sure that the system is in the most basic state before they proceed.

How does replacing the control circuit help pass safety tests?

If you've had trouble getting your truck to pass through a safety and emissions test, then you might have been told that the problem is with your computer unit. Trucks that have shorted control circuits won't pass these examinations, so replacing the unit on your Dakota could help it meet or exceed regulations in your state.