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Dodge Caravan Engine Computers

Experience optimal driving efficiency and gas mileage with the right engine computer, a type of electronic control module (ECM), for your car. Tasked with controlling actuators, air-fuel ratio, idling speed, and many other engine factors, an ECM keeps your Dodge Caravan running smoothly and consistently.

Which Dodge Caravan ECM makes the check engine light flash?

This is a standard feature of all Dodge Caravan ECMs. An ECM monitors the same diagnostic system it belongs to. When the ECM detects an error, a fault code automatically registers within the diagnostic system computer. At the same time, the check engine light in the car comes on, indicating the creation of an error code that can be used to diagnose the specific problem.

A perpetually flashing check engine light or a check engine light that never goes off is a sign that there's a problem with your engine computer.

Which ECM fits the Dodge Caravan?

Like most vehicle makes and models, ECMs vary with each generation. As a result, you must locate the Dodge Caravan ECM that corresponds to your model year. Typically, you can choose between OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket engine computers.

What are programmed plug and play Dodge Caravan ECMs?

Programmed plug and play ECMs are ready for installation and immediate use in your Caravan. Initially, the manufacturer programs the ECM that originally comes in your vehicle. The party you purchase an ECM from programs the ECM according to your make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN). This saves you from having to do it yourself. Down the line, you'll continue to receive ECM updates specifically for the Caravan. These updates correspond to your VIN, and some of the tweaks improve gas mileage, transmission, and overall efficiency.

What is the Dodge body control module for?

The Dodge body control module (BCM) is a type of electronic control unit (ECU). ECUs control electrical systems and subsystems inside vehicles. The BCM directly controls electronic accessories inside a vehicle's body. Central locking, immobilization, air conditioning, mirrors, and windows are some components under the control of the BCM. Generally, most power-oriented features receive direct communication from the BCM.

What are Caravan powertrain control modules?

Powertrain control modules (PCM) are another type of computer inside your Caravan. The PCM consists of an ECM and a transmission control module (TCM). Combining these two modules into a single module consolidates control of more than 100 factors within your Caravan. Some experts say that the PCM also improves power transfer from engine to transmission, resulting in smoother handling, maneuverability, and superior city and highway mileage.

Programed PCMs ready for immediate plug and play are available as well. Like other electrical units and modules for use inside your vehicle, take note of the advertised model year of the PCM to gauge its compatibility.