Everything You Need to Know About Selecting an End Fed Antenna

When you want to send or receive radio transmissions, it helps to have the right type of antenna for your equipment. A quality antenna provides you with reliable results, ease of tuning, and minimal static or feedback when listening to a specific frequency. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used end fed antennas at a range of affordable prices.

What are some of the features of end fed antennas?

The features of the new and used end fed antennas on eBay include:

  • Portable - Some of the antennas are designed to be portable for use with portable handheld radios.
  • High-power - Some of the end fed antennas have a high power for use with base station ham radios.
  • With tuner - The antennas may include an automatic tuner for capturing a clear signal.
  • Sealed connections - The internal and external connections are sealed, allowing the antenna to resist water and extreme temperatures in outdoor applications.
What are the directional options for an end fed antenna?

The directional options for an end fed antenna include:

  • Single direction - This type of antenna has the least amount of resistance and the longest distance capture for signals in a specific direction.
  • Bi-directional - These antennas are able to capture signals from two directions. They have twice the resistance of a single-direction antenna.
  • Omnidirectional - This style of an antenna is able to receive signals from any direction. It has the highest resistance and has a shorter distance in any direction compared to a single-direction antenna.
What is the band and device compatibility of the antennas?

The band compatibility options for the end fed antennas include high frequency and very high frequency. This ranges from 3 to 300 MHz. They tune at 10 Hz band intervals. The device compatibility options for the antennas include portable ham radios, fixed position ham radios, Zeppo systems, long-wire radios, and AM/FM radio tuners.

How do you choose an end fed antenna on eBay?

When you are shopping on eBay for an affordable end fed antenna, consider its:

  • Brand - Some options include RadioWavz, MFJ, and Shakespeare.
  • Condition - Choose new, used, or manufacturer's refurbished antennas.
  • Brand compatibility - There are antennas to fit specific types of radios and universal styles that work with any brand of equipment.
  • Length - The options range from 6 to 150 feet of antenna wiring.
  • Bands - Choose 6 to 10 meter bands for the antenna's tuning.