About Emerald Bracelets

Celebrate May, her birth month, with a beautiful piece of emerald birthstone jewelry. Choose from a wide selection including an emerald bracelet, necklace, earrings and more. The emerald signifies rebirth and suggests the wearer will have good fortune in new ventures. Emeralds connote wisdom, growth, and patience, attributes she has, no doubt, certainly gained as of late. This is her time to shine, much like the brand new diamond and emerald tennis bracelet in a twelve carat gold setting you found on eBay. This subtle bracelet could be worn with many outfits, understated but elegant. An emerald bangle bracelet with garnet and topaz set it sterling silver is quite an attention-grabbing, perfect for the woman who wants to make a statement. The eighteen karat white gold art deco vintage emerald bracelet is perfect for the woman of elegance and class. The baguette-cut emerald stones are accented by crescendos of brilliant round diamonds. A stunning emerald bracelet will be a striking gift for that special someone and always remind her how special she is to you.