Electric Nail Files & Tools

Electric files and tools for fingers and toenails allow you to do a manicure or a pedicure at home. These beauty tools help you to polish and shine bare nails, and they also make it easier to apply polish, acrylic accessories, or nail art to your fingernails or toenails. The nail drills and files typically come with multiple accessories to handle a wide variety of nail thicknesses and conditions.

What are the features of electric nail files and tools?
  • Light emitting diodes: Electric buffers and files for manicures often have a light emitting diode on the head of the buffer. The light emitting diode makes it easier to see your fingers and toes.
  • Battery operated: Electric buffers and drills can have a rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge it on the base. You can just lift the portable nail drill off when you want to do some buffing, or apply acrylic nails.
  • Foot switch: A foot switch for the electric buffer or nail file makes it easier for you to control the speed while having both of your hands free in order to do the manicure or pedicure.
What functions do electric nail files and tools perform?
  • Applying nail art: Electric nail files allow you to apply acrylic nail art, including sheets and entire artificial fingernails. The electric nail files do this in a short amount of time, allowing you to complete the beauty treatment efficiently.
  • Shaping the nails: Electric files are able to shape your fingernails and toenails into an oval, semicircular, or straight edge. If the natural nails have a slight ridge or a snag, the file can quickly smooth them.
  • Buffing the nails: Electric buffing helps to smooth the surface of the nails and makes them shiny. If you want to remove an old layer of polish and some of the glitter left behind, the electric buffer creates a smoother surface, so a new manicure or pedicure can be performed. Sanding with the portable nail file and buffer tool also prepares the surface for the application of nail art.
What bits are used on an electric file for manicures?

The electric buffer and nail file tools include bits that are used for sanding. These bits for the electric file are typically coated with graphite or diamond. Some of the nail files for manicures use sand on the file bits, creating an effect similar to using different grits of sand paper. Each bit for the nail file has a slightly finer grit for achieving the desired smoothness. The nail files and drills typically have three or more bits that vary slightly in the grit. When filing, the coarsest bit for the electric nail drill should be attached first. Each bit, from coarsest to finest, should be attached to the electric nail file in order to complete the manicure.