Finding a Great Deal on El Gato Gomez Prints on eBay

If you're an art enthusiast, you likely enjoy finding unique and quality art to display in your home. eBay has plenty of truly unique art prints, and among them are artist El Gato Gomez's colorful, retro-inspired takes on daily life. Here's how to choose your affordable El Gato Gomez prints on eBay.

Sorting the many types of El Gato Gomez art prints

If you have ever seen one of her paintings, you likely can instantly recognize El Gato Gomez's distinct style. While her works run the gamut when it comes to the subject matter, her prints fall into a few general categories, and familiarizing yourself with them may help you find the print you need.

  • Halloween - Many El Gato Gomez prints feature haunted houses, ghosts, witches, and skeletons. Black cats are also a common theme.
  • Christmas - While these are less common than the Halloween prints, this artist also has several Christmas prints, some of which feature black cats.
  • Space - A few very distinct prints feature colorful imaginings of outer space.
How do you find a print with high collectible value?

Whether you intend to resell your Gato Gomez art or simply want a higher-value print to hang on your wall, there are a few ways you can ensure you get a higher-value print:

  • Signed/matted editions - Some listings offer new or preowned El Gato Gomez prints that have been professionally matted and signed by the artist. This both adds value and means you get a display-ready print.
  • Canvas prints - These are more durable and often look more like original paintings than regular paper reprints.
  • Already framed prints - Framing a print is an art in itself, and a professionally framed print will have greater resale and display value.
Selecting the right print size

One of the benefits of quality art reproduction is that prints of El Gato Gomez paintings will be available in many sizes. As you search, be sure to look carefully at the size of the print as detailed in the listing as depending on how you intend to display your print, the size is important. Here are some tips to help you choose a print size:

  • Small prints - Very small prints do well as framed prints on tables as well as wall hangings in smaller spaces.
  • Medium prints - Medium-sized prints often do well when you have a few art pieces that you want to distribute through your home. These are large enough to draw the eye, but they are not so large that they become the center of attention.
  • Larger prints - Large prints command attention and are well-suited to being the focal point of your home art display.