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Honor Gods and Goddesses With Your Collection of Egyptian Antiquities

If you love Egyptian history, then collecting Egyptian antiquities may be a rewarding hobby for you. With so many possibilities, you can easily find ancient Egyptian artifacts for sale at many different price points. Looking on eBay for Egyptian artifacts is a great place to start or expand your collection.

Types of Egyptian artifacts for sale

There are many unique Egyptian antiquities for sale that you may want to add to your Egyptian antiquities collection, including:

  • Art - Bronze statues, Ushabtis, figurines, scarabs, mummy bead necklaces, pottery, and hieroglyphs are often available.
  • Money - Coins were first minted in Egypt about 360 BCE, and many different types of coins are available to collectors, including gold staters, Ptolemaic coinage, and Illyrian coinage.
  • Weapons - Many different types of weapons can be found from ancient Egypt, such as short swords, javelins, and spears.
  • Jugs and vessels - Water bottles, stir-up vessels, milk bottles, canopic jars, perfume bottles, and many other types were used in homes regularly and may be available to collectors looking for ancient artifacts for sale.
  • Jewelry - Bracelets, buckles, pendants, necklaces, rings, and scarabs were all worn by people in ancient Egypt.
What are some things that you might find from a pharaoh's tomb?

Collectors can often find items from tombs of pharaohs. Many pieces are kept in museums, but you can find some on eBay, including:

  • Jewelry - Gold jewelry often adorned with lapis lazuli stone, hair beads, and colored glass may be available to add to your Egyptian antiquities collection. Common motifs that you may see include scrolls, tigers, scarab beetles, winged birds, jackals, antelopes, and tigers.
  • Wine bottles - Amphoraes of various sizes held wine for the pharaohs to drink. These ceramic bottles were often lined with bees' wax.
  • Walking sticks - Ancient Egyptian pharaohs often used tall staffs to show authority and to help them walk. You can find walking sticks made from a variety of materials, including ebony, ivory, silver, and gold,
  • Alabaster bottles - These bottles were used to hold ointments and perfumes. When you are looking for ancient artifacts for sale, you may find ornate stone options.
  • Games: There have been games found inside tombs. You may find senet and mehen pieces and boards.
Characteristics of funerary figurines

Shabti were buried in tombs with pharaohs and rulers so that they did not have to do any work in the afterlife. These small funerary figurines changed over time since their first use. The earliest figurines were designed to look like they had particular jobs to do, such as brewers, masons, or bakers. Around 1746 BC, the practice was changed so that one funeral figurine was placed in a small wooden casket as a substitute for the deceased.

You can find these figurines made of wood, stone, wax or clay, each wrapped in burial linens. You can find stick-like funerary figurines dating from about 1782. Starting in about 1570 BC, multiple figurines were buried with most people of wealth. Therefore, you can often find figurines from this period much more easily. Workers made these figurines of stone, wood, alabaster, faience, terracotta, ebony, bronze, and glass. You may find them with carved small tools with them to help them with their assigned tasks. You will find most of them inscribed with passages from the Book of the Dead.

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