aston EC90 Aero Wheels Are Designed for Speed and Endurance

When it comes to cycling, speed is always at the top of the list of desirable features. Easton has taken the aero wheel and transformed it into a tool that is built for those who feel the need for speed. These carefully designed and built wheels deliver the type of performance riders demand in a premium package. 

What are the differences between aero wheels and traditional wheels? 

In the world of cycling, the effect of aerodynamics is one of the considerations that cyclists consider when choosing a bike. Serious cyclists are interested in the strength, durability, and speed of their bikes. Aero wheels are bicycle wheels that are deeper and wider than traditional wheels and are designed to effectively increase the rider's speed. These deep-section aero wheels provide aerodynamic drag advantages as opposed to traditional shallow rims, in that riders can travel faster for the same amount of effort or at the same rate of speed with less effort on the rider's part. Aero wheels have added side-force that generates more crosswinds for riders to use, but these same crosswinds require more skill. These wheels are heavier and larger than traditional wheels and can be more expensive because of their carbon construction. 

Easton EC90 Aero products 

Easton has several products in their EC90 Aero series available on eBay. Each of these new or gently used EC90 Aero products is designed to provide optimum aerodynamic capabilities. These products are:  

  • Aero disc wheels - These wheels are based on the Aero55 Fantom rim design and have been modified by being mounted on Vault road disc hubs. This combines Aero features with the all-terrain control disc brakes offer.
  • Aero55 wheels - Aero55 wheels provide leading aerodynamics and are certified Road Tubeless compatible without rim strips. They are constructed from carbon to provide durability while maintaining a low weight.
  • Aero bars - Aero bars are handlebars that feature an optimally sculpted wing top section for improved aerodynamic performance. They have a bar end flare for better wrist-clearance while sprinting. They are available in 40-, 42-, and 44-centimeter widths. See the manufacturer site for details.

Easton EC90 Aero wheel features 

The Easton EC90 Aero wheels are aero wheels that are designed to deliver the best performance for riders during any type of road conditions or terrain. They provide excellent braking and are competitively weighted. Their carbon layup contributes to their easy braking. Easton states that their EC90 Aero wheels saved 14 seconds over the next fastest wheel during a 40-kilometer trial. The Easton EC90 Aero wheels are built by hand during the entire manufacturing process and are acoustically tuned. 

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