What Is EarthBound for the SNES?

A Japanese-created game that hit America in 1995, EarthBound was released for the Nintendo SNES platform. This Super Nintendo game is an RPG game meant for one player and is considered unusual for a few different reasons as its creators took much of their inspiration to create the game from American pop culture.

What Should You Know About EarthBound?

EarthBound is a role-playing game (RPG), making it an immersive game in which a player controls one character, becoming heavily involved in the environment and the world.

  • In Japan, the title of this game is Mother 2. Though the game is a sequel, the first title in the series wasn't released in America. In fact, another EarthBound title didn't hit American retailers until 2013 when the game was re-released for the Wii U Gamepad and then later included in the Super NES Classic Edition console released in 2017.
  • Though the Super Nintendo game wasn't considered commercially successful, it developed a cult following nonetheless. The game has many comedic elements that satirize or poke fun at American culture, making it entertaining for Americans to play.
  • Ness, the protagonist of the game, was later featured in the 1999 Nintendo title Super Smash Bros.

How Do You Play version?

Gameplay in the North American release of EarthBound is not difficult. In fact, EarthBound for SNES is a game that all ages can play and enjoy. It has an ESRB rating of K + A, which means that all ages from kids to adults can play this Super Nintendo title.

  • Players include Ness, the main character, and his friends with their objective of defeating the evil Giygas.
  • Giygas is an alien, and in order to bring him down, the protagonists must capture eight different melodies.
  • The setting takes place in the real world with many tongue-in-cheek American references along with characters engaging in combat and battles in order to keep the SNES classic going. Characters can level up after they are successful against enemies.

What Stands Out About EarthBound?

One of the things that many gamers and gaming experts find most appealing about EarthBound is its music.

  • The music of the SNES game actually differed from previous video game music due to the fact that the creators were allowed to use eight channels instead of the traditional five when composing music. As a result, its sound quality was improved.
  • One of the main bands that influenced the game creators' jazzy soundtrack to EarthBound was the Beach Boys.
  • It also draws influence from John Lennon and other classic-rock artists, including Todd Rundgren.

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