The EVGA brand is mostly associated with graphics cards geared towards PCs that are primarily for gaming purposes. The GeForce GTX line was designed to be compliant with certain published standards from video game developers. These cards should be compatible, as a result, with gaming software that calls for these components.

What kind of GPU comes with EVGA graphics cards?

All of the company's graphics cards feature some form of nVIDIA GPU processor onboard. This generally allows those replacing nVIDIA cards to substitute EVGA GeForce GTX boards and retain backwards compatibility with older gaming software as long as they have hardware driver support for the new board. This kind of GPU should also work with some open-source nVIDIA kernel modules designed to drive GeForce GTX cards.

Does the EVGA GeForce GTX work with DirectX 11?

EVGA GeForce GTX Ti video cards work with DirectX 11 libraries. The EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti provides support for nVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision technology, which makes it compatible with most games that require tessellation on Microsoft Windows. Windows gaming software that doesn't require these technologies won't be hampered by the fact that the Ti supports them, however, since the graphics card only turns them on when requested. EVGA GeForce GTX cards leave support for DirectX 11 on at all times.

What type of SDRAM modules do EVGA GTX cards use?

EVGA GeForce GTX graphics cards use standard GDDR5 modules, which provide compatible gaming software with an extra area to buffer video code. GDDR5 technology has been previously used in gaming consoles, which makes the EVGA GeForce GTX capable of emulating console graphics on PC screens. EVGA provides hardware drivers that allows PC users to interface their machines with GDDR5 cards at the highest possible speed for the bus they attach it to. Open-source GDDR5 drives exist that can help those who are into Unix gaming.

Can you use an EVGA card with an external cooler?

EVGA graphics cards are generally compatible with these units. This allows for use in gaming towers that come stock with these parts. As a result, they can serve as a drop-in replacement for a dead graphics card in existing towers without modification. All GeForce GTX products support the EVGA-branded Superclock CPU Cooler out of the box.

What heat dissipators come with the GTX Ti FPB cards?

These EVGA graphics cards come equipped with the following cooling technology in their stock configuration. They're all connected to a thermocouple that monitors the internal GPU temperature.

  • Memory cooling module
  • 3x heat exhaust pipes
  • VREG Heatsink
  • Heatsink ducting system
  • External fan
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