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A Quick Guide to EIKI Home Theater Projectors

Whether you need a home theater projector for your family or for large events, it is important to select a quality brand like EIKI to get the results you desire. Many of the EIKI projectors you can find on eBay are designed for home usage along with the possibility of expanding for larger uses. For accuracy in projecting a film in its proper aspect ratio to showing your home videos with clarity, your choices are plentiful.

What types of usages are the EIKI projectors capable of?

These home theaters are primarily used in home theater operations but can also be adapted for professional uses. While these projectors are a staple in home theaters, they also have other adaptations. They are also suitable for:

  • Business presentations
  • Classroom usage
  • Video games events
  • Music visualizers

What technological features do these EIKI home theater projectors have?

These versatile projectors come in a number of sizes and specifications, but most models are equipped with the following technology:

  • Two HDMI inputs: This feature allows you to connect two HDMI cables to the projector at one time.
  • Long Life Lamp: These projectors are equipped with long-lasting, high-quality parts. Replacing projector lamps is expensive, and you want to avoid doing so when possible. EIKI makes this easier. The long-life lamp equipped in most models should last for 4,000 hours or more.
  • Built-in 10-Watt speaker: The EIKI projectors are equipped with powerful 10w speakers so that you do not have to connect external speakers to the projector. Save money with these built-in speakers instead of buying additional ones.
  • Optional Lenses: The EIKI projectors come with five optional lenses that can be interchanged.

What different types of projector models are offered?

There are three general types offered depending on your needs:

  • LCD: Such models include the EIKI lc-1510 and the EIKI projector lc-x85.
  • TRI-LCD: Projects a higher quality image than traditional LCD models.
  • DLP: This type of rear projection is used primarily for classroom use.

What are some good ways to use your theater projector?

Using the HDMI connectors, you can connect a DVD or Blu-Ray player to the projector to watch movies. You can also connect video game systems and any other products with an HDMI connection. Set up a fun, family movie night by projecting the movie onto either the side of your house, a bedsheet, or a large movie projector screen if you have one. You could also use the projector to present an important business presentation.

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