Dynaco St 70

Common Question about the Dynaco ST 70 Amplifier

The Dynaco ST 70 is an excellent tube amplifier for the stereo enthusiast. It is a very versatile amp capable of producing a wide range of warm, inviting sounds. eBay is a great place to find quality Dynaco 70 amps.

Can you build the Dynaco ST 70 from a kit?

For the stereo room hobbyist, the Dynaco ST 70 was available in a kit. It was also available as a complete, factory wired amplifier. Most sellers will indicate if their item is an amp built from a kit or if it has been factory wired. There is negligible difference between the two options. Some hobbyists prefer to build their own equipment while others enjoy the nostalgia of the original amp. Either option is customizable by the upgrading of specific components such as the tubes that are used. Whether from a kit or factory wired, stereo fans have a very high opinion of the quality of this amplifier.

What kind of tubes does the ST 70 use?

In a tube amp, the tubes that are equipped have a big impact on the quality and character of the sound produced. The ST-70 can utilize a wide variety of tubes, making it a versatile amp with several sound profiles. Each tube can be individually biased with onboard bias pots. The tubes that can be used include but are limited to the following:

  • EL-34
  • KT-66
  • KT-77
  • KT-88
  • EH 6CA7s
What is the difference between tube and solid-state amps?

Vacuum tube amps and solid-state amps work on fundamentally different principles to accomplish the same goal. The object is to provide a high-quality signal that will power the connected speakers to produce a pleasing sound. The solid-state amplifier does this by using the most modern means of conducting current that is amplified and sent to the speaker cabinets. Tube amps use a glass vacuum that produces voltage. That voltage is run through an output transformer, creating a current that is passed to the speakers. Most audiophiles claim that there is a distinct difference in the sound produced by each type of amplifier.

What type of transformers does the Dynaco ST-70 use?

The ST 70 was originally created by Dynaco. It carries the name of "Bob Latino" and uses custom-wound Bob Latino transformers that are made in the USA. It can handle up to 35 watts per channel and has a great sound overall. One of the biggest draws to this amplifier is the incredible warmth this adds to the sound profile.

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