Dumbbell Rack

Get Better Storage With Dumbbell Racks

Keep your lifting area tidy with dumbbell racks that hold all your weights in a few neat rows. In addition to cutting back on clutter, the right weight storage can help speed up your workout by making it easy for you to find the right weight exactly when you need it.

How many weights will dumbbell racks hold?

To figure out the amount of weights that a stand will hold, you need to consider the types of weights you are using. Generally, weight racks measure their capacity in pounds. There can be a huge range in capacity. Some weight racks hold around 200 pounds while other weight stands can hold up to 500 pounds. To find out how many weights your rack can handle, you need to think about how much your entire dumbbell set weighs.

A-frame vs. tiered racks

When you shop for dumbbell stands, you will find that most of your options are A frames, where two narrow rows of dumbbell holders lean together to form a tall triangle, or tiered racks that have long, horizontal shelves set one above another. A-frame racks usually have a lower capacity of around 200 to 300 pounds and hold fewer weights than a tiered rack. However, an A frame's big benefit, is that it saves more space, allowing you to have a compact home gym.

Good materials for dumbbell racks

The thing that makes a weight storage unit a durable and high-quality item is its materials. The right materials will let your weight rack hold heavy weights for a long time. Steel is an ideal choice since it is sturdy and affordable. Aluminum is usually pricier, but it can create weight racks that are strong yet lightweight. Another helpful material to look for is rubber. When placed on its feet, rubber helps keep the heavy rack from damaging flooring.

What's the purpose of slanted weight racks?

A slanted weight rack has a slightly larger footprint overall, but it can be easier to use. Since each shelf is not blocked by the shelves above it, you can instantly see which weight you need and grab it quickly. This makes slanted weight stands a good choice if you are doing CrossFit or another workout where speed is a priority. If you want the compactness of vertical racks and the ease of use of slanted racks, you can look for dumbbell storage that rotates between the two positions.