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Understanding How Dual-Purpose Motorcycles Work

A dual sport or dual-purpose motorcycle is designed for both street driving and off-road riding needs alike. You can find many dual sport motorcycle models from BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and Suzuki among other manufacturers. But when finding such motorcycles, it helps to see how well you are finding a choice that fits in with your desire for a vehicle that works well on many roads.

Check the Engine

Be sure the engine you use in your dual sport vehicle is powerful enough for your biking desires. You can find bikes with different types of motors for your use. These include lightweight bikes with smaller single-cylinder engines up to 400cc in value or middleweight options with engines from 400 to 800 cc in size. Yamaha and Honda particularly make many of these smaller bikes.

Don't forget about the heavier Enduro bikes that offer 800 cc and larger engines. Those sport motorcycles might be ideal for more experienced riders though. High-end companies like Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield, KTM, Triumph, and Ducati often make these specialized bikes.

An engine on a dual sport motorcycle should also be a fuel-injected model. The engine will have an easier time with handling its fuel contents when managed accordingly, so see how well your model works when getting out on the road.

Review the Height and Clearance

You must take a look at how the height of your dirt bike and the clearance are laid out. The first measurement generally refers to the height of the seat you are on. Expect the seat height to be about three feet off of the ground.

The ground clearance is a measure of how high up the body of the bike is from the ground. You can expect to find bikes with a clearance of around a foot on average, thus being enough to allow for street-legal riding while also working with dirt-oriented riding desires in mind. The gas tank should be well-protected if the clearance is high enough as well, what with that material not likely to experience fatigue.

See How the Brakes Work

A dual-sport bike needs brakes at both the rear and front parts of the vehicle. See that your bike has both of these braking features to help you get more control.

Cooling Is Important

An adventure bike needs to be appropriately cooled so the engine will not overheat. Air-cooled and liquid-cooled variants are available for your use. A liquid-cooled six-speed engine might be insulated within the bike to keep air from coming out far too quickly.

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