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Dreamsicles Collectibles

Dreamsicles are porcelain figurines that are highly coveted collectibles. These cute cherubs with their wildflower and ribbon wreaths on their heads are just one of the Dreamsicles creations that also include holiday designs, animals, and kids, among others. If you are thinking of starting your own Dreamsicles collection or giving a figurine as a gift, then you may have many questions.

What type of products did Dreamsicles make?

While the company is well-known for their cast art Dreamsicles figurines, they released several different types of artwork including:

  • Musicals and Waterglobes - These include their Carousel Ride Musical and their Dance Ballerina Dance.
  • Animals - Many different animals have been portrayed in their own artwork includng bears, bunnies, dogs, and mice.
  • Cancer Society Symbols of Support - Kristen Haynes, creator of Dreamsicles, created two special Dreamsicles to support the Cancer Society called Daffodil Days and We are Winning.
  • Christmas - Many holiday figures were brought to life by Dreamsicles, including Baby's First Christmas.
  • Calendar - In 1994, the company released a Dreamsicle for each month.
  • Day Event - Special cast artwork was created for many special life events including weddings, retirements, and 9/11.
  • Collector's Plates - Many of the Dreamsicle figurines were also repurposed on collector's plates.
What are Dreamsicles Limited Edition Figurine Collectibles?

Almost every year starting in 1993, Dreamsicles were released in limited quantities with each being numbered and having a gold plate with Kristen Haynes' signature on it. Some of these collectibles were released for the holidays while others were released to be used anytime. They include:

  • 1993 The Finishing Touches; The Flying Lesson; Teeter Tots - Standing 9-inches tall, The Finishing Touches hand-painted cast art piece shows cherubs with red poinsettias on their halos decorating a Christmas tree. The Flying Lesson features a statue on a wooden base that shows three angelic figurines with wood vine halos with acorns on them trying to teach one of the angelic figures to fly. Teeter Tots is a cast iron artwork that shows two white, angelic figurines with wood vine wreaths playing on a blue teeter-totter with a yellow handle.
  • 1994 By the Silvery Moon; Holiday on Ice; The Recital - By the Silvery Moon shows three angels sitting on a quarter moon. The middle angle is holding a yellow star. Holiday on Ice displays four angels, a bear, and two bunnies ice skating. The Recital shows four angelic figurines, a dog, and a bunny playing musical instruments.
  • 1996 A Child is Born - This artwork shows three angelic figurines surrounding a newborn baby with blond hair. A stork holding a birth certificate is on the left side.
  • 1997 Cutie Pie; Happy Landings; Sleigh Bells Ring - Cutie Pie is a 7.5-inch-tall cherub baby in a diaper. Happy Landings features a Noah's Ark-type boat with numerous animals and cherubs under a pastel rainbow. The Sleigh Bells Ring cast iron artwork shows two horses pulling a sleigh filled with three children and presents while an angel hitches a ride on the rear.
  • 1998 Handmade with Love - This is three angelic figurines making a quilt.
  • 2000 Live, Love, and Laugh - This is three angelic figurines with the middle one giving a hug to a duck.
  • 2001 Smooth Sailing - Cast artwork shows an angelic figurine in a boat holding a Swarovski crystal.
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