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Dragon Ball Z Toys

Dragon Ball Z is a well-known anime series that first debuted in 1989 in Japan. Known for its main protagonist, Goku, the show became equally renowned for its collectible action figures and toys, and collectors often look for familiar characters from the show or game. There are both playable and display-only toys.

Who are the main protagonists from Dragon Ball Z?
  • Goku: One of the more well-known heroes in anime, Goku is also the main protagonist in Dragon Ball Z. Collectors should look for his distinctive black hairstyle.
  • Piccolo: Piccolo was originally a main protagonist during the initial run of Dragon Ball but became a hero and ally of Goku during the run of Dragon Ball Z. He is noted for his green, alien-like appearance.
  • Krillin: Another main character who originally appeared in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Krillin is noted for being bald and having a shorter stature than the other main characters.
  • Gohan: The super-powered son of Goku, Gohan is noted for his own distinctive black hairstyle that appears similar to his father's. He also wears the same orange suit as his dad.
Who are the main antagonists to collect?
  • Vegeta: One of the main Saiyans during the first saga of the show, Vegeta is noted for his blue suit and distinctive black hairstyle. He's also easy to get confused with Goku because of the similar appearance.
  • Frieza: Frieza was another main protagonist from Dagon Ball Z and is easy to spot because of his silver, alien-like appearance.
  • Cell: Another main villain from Dragon Ball Z, Cell can be spotted by his green-and-silver suit. He also has a cape that looks like moth wings.
What brands make Dragon Ball Z characters and toys?
  • Bandai: The main distributor of Dragon Ball Z toys, Bandai has been producing action figures since the show first aired.
  • Banpresto: Another main producer, Banpresto is a Japanese toy manufacturer.
  • Funko: A third distributor of Dragon Ball Z toys, Funko is notable for their display-only action figures. They also feature more caricature-like displays of these figures.
Are Super Saiyans 1 and Saiyans 2 different?

Goku is a well-known protagonist from Dragon Ball Z who had the ability to transform from a Super Saiyan 1 to a Saiyan 2. When looking for his figure to collect, note his golden hair compared to his original black color. He should also have a brighter aura or appearance.

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