Beats By Dre Beatbox: Music On The Go

Beats by Dre Beatbox is a well-crafted portable speaker designed for those who want to listen to music on the go. This speaker is great for any occasion and any setting. Whether your DJ didn't show up for the party or you need some music for a picnic, this speaker will get the job done.

What features are available?

Built to take your music with you, the Beats by Dre Beatbox comes with features to enhance portability as well as ease of use. You can find new and used Dr. Dre Beatbox products on eBay with the following features:

  • Connectivity: This beatbox has Bluetooth technology, which allows you to keep your phone or device with you as the speaker plays. It also features a line-in audio jack.
  • Sound: With a high/midrange driver and subwoofer driver, this speaker can get very loud without sacrificing quality of sound.
  • Power: Featuring 15 hours of battery life, this speaker can keep you entertained during any event. It also comes with a power adapter that recharges and powers the speaker.
  • Compatibility: This speaker can be used with any smartphone, iPod, or device that plays music. If the device is not Bluetooth capable, use the line-in jack to connect and play.
  • Design: A rugged yet sleek design gives this beatbox elegance with function. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.
How do you use this beatbox?

The beauty of this beatbox is that the technology is built inside the machine. You only need to use the on/off button and the volume control. However, this speaker also comes with a remote control that allows you to access sound control from anywhere in the room. The remote control has more advanced control options like play/pause, skip ahead or back, skip a track, or go back a track. There is also a volume control on the remote with a mute option.

Coinciding with the simplistic design is the durability of the speaker. Because there aren't a lot of buttons and dials on the speaker, the beatbox's rugged design keeps it safe.

How do you choose the right beatbox?

The Beats by Dre Beatbox actually comes in a few sizes and styles. Colors range from the classic black and red trim to all pink. While the size of the beatbox dictates the output of sound, all Beats by Dre Beatboxes possess excellent sound quality. When deciding on a beatbox from the eBay collection, consider factors like portability, color, and speaker output.

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