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Downhill Skiing

Those out to just have a little fun can jump on nearly any pair of skis and start downhill skiing. However, expert skiers can improve their performance by paying attention to subtle differences in the various makes. The most important thing is to match your skis to the snow conditions and terrain you plan to encounter. For example, all mountain skis are best for groomed terrain while backcountry skis are better for the untracked wilderness terrain. No matter your skiing style having the proper equipment before you hit the slopes will make the biggest difference in a good run and a so-so run down the hill. You might not be an Olympian but who says you can't ski like one.

Swoosh Down the Mountain

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of downhill skiing is the skis. There are many types and sizes on the market, so it's important that you find the one that will give your best performance. In addition to choosing ski based on terrain, skiers need to choose ski length based on weight, height, and skill level.

Don't Lose Your Skis

A good pair of boots is the difference between a comfortable day of downhill skiing and sore feet at the end of the day. In order to maintain speed and keep the skis on your feet, the boots hook on top of the skis by bindings. For safety reason, bindings are designed to release when the pressure exerted on them exceeds the release setting. Downhill ski boots are the fundamental link between you and the skis. For this reason, boots need to not only match the size and shape of the wearer's feet but need to be compatible with the bindings.

Make Quick Turns Easily

What makes a good pair of ski poles? Well, they need to be sturdy for planting turns, lightweight so they don't exhaust your arms, and flexible enough to withstand hard falls. When you first get started, just about any pole will work. However, as your performance improves and you become more experienced consider looking for poles made of different materials with a better strength-to-weight ratio.

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