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Women's Down Jackets and Coats

Ducks and geese have small feathers under their outer feathers that are called down feathers. When these feathers are placed inside a winter coat or jacket for insulation, the lightweight outerwear becomes instantly warmer. If you are considering a new winter coat, then learn about ones filled with down.

What are some common styles of winter down coats?

There are many styles of down coats that may have down insulation, including:

  • Women anorak down coats: These hooded waterproof coats can be pulled over the head without any front openings.
  • Women parka down jackets: These hip-length jackets usually feature a fur-lined hood.
  • Women cocoon down coats: These knee-length winter coats have a relaxed silhouette.
  • Women duffle or toggle down coats: These knee-length jackets usually close with horn toggles and have patch pockets.
  • Women down duster coats: These are loose-fitting long coats.
  • Women down trench coats: These are outerwear options ending mid-thigh, usually featuring double-breasting and a belt.

 What is fill power?

Some women down coat manufacturers provide the fill power rating for their coats. Fill power is defined as an indication of the loft of the down used in manufacturing the coat. The source of the down feathers and the age of the bird helps determine the amount of fill power a jacket will have with those having a higher number being warmer.

 What is hydrophobic down or Hydrodown?

Several manufacturers have created hydrophobic down or Hydrodown. These manufacturers take the down feathers and treat them with a special coating that allows them to be water resistant. The theory is that women coats and jackets made with Hydrodown or hydrophobic down stay warmer in wet conditions.

 What are features to consider in down jackets and coats?

Down jackets and coats come with a variety of features. Consider your weather, activity level, and personal preferences when choosing features like:

  • Hoods: A hooded jacket or coat will keep you warmer since you lose 80% of your heat through your head.
  • Pockets: Think about what you need to carry with you and the style you prefer, and also, pockets are great to help keep your hands warm.
  • Front closure: Down coats close in various ways including buttons and zippers.
  • Cuffs: Tight-fitting cuffs help keep wind from blowing under the coat's sleeves.
  • Vents: Underarm vents allow body heat to escape as your activity level rises or you get into someplace warm.

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