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Keep Your Entryways Quiet Using Decorative Doorstops

Doorstops can help you keep your doors at entryways or exits at the angle you want or keep them from banging against the wall with too much force. These items can also be decorative and add a touch of fun to any room in your house or flat. Learning about the main styles and features of the affordable decorative doorstops on eBay will help you find the models that work for you.

Types of stoppers for doors

You can find a few main types of doorstops for sale on eBay. All of these stoppers are effective at keeping a door away from your walls, and the type of device you choose depends on how you want to install or use it. Here are a few of the main options you'll discover for doorstops:

  • Floor - If you want to screw in or secure the stopper for your door, you can choose one that has mounting options for the floor.
  • Freestanding - Door stoppers come in various weights and sizes. You can choose a weighty, heavy-duty doorstop that can resist the push of a door without being mounted anywhere. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Wall - If you want to keep your cheap doorstop out of the way behind your entry or exit, you can find a model that is designed to fit low on the wall.
How do you choose a style for your stoppers?

Doorstops on eBay come in different shapes or designs, and you may want to choose a model that suits your personal taste or matches the decor of your home.

  • Minimal - If you just want a basic stopper to keep the door from hitting your wall, you can get a minimalist version that slides under the space at the bottom. These wedge-shaped stoppers are available in basic colors at affordable prices.
  • Animals - If you would like to fill your entryways with decorative woodland critters, you can get doorstops in the shapes of animals such as mice, foxes, cats, or dogs.
  • Traditional - Traditional stopper designs include decorative bars or tubes with intricate carvings or patterns on them.
Material options for your doorstops

You can find inexpensive stoppers for doors in a range of materials on eBay. Both new and preowned doorstoppers can offer you designs in stained wood, shiny metal, or plush fabrics filled with stuffing to add some heft to their soft textures. Wooden stoppers may have interesting carvings on them, and some metal stoppers may incorporate magnets to push against the doors.