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How to Play Donkey Kong With Nunchuks

One of the things about video games is that some of the characters, such as Donkey Kong, have been around for decades and spawned spinoff characters such as Diddy Kong and even Dixie Kong. That also means that they and the games they appear in have also been ported to various different consoles such as the Wii.

How Different are The Wii and Wii U?

One thing Nintendo did which makes playing games like Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Country Returns on modern platforms much easier than it might otherwise have been is bake backwards compatibility into the later console. Rather than relying on hacks, you can simply insert the game disk and start playing. Do be aware that you can't use the Gamepad with games designed for the earlier console, but you can use its controllers with the Wii U. Still even with compatibility built in there are a few differences between the two devices that you should be aware of, with two important ones being definition and storage:

  • Wii:Standard definition, 512 MB storage.
  • Wii U:High Definition, 32 GB storage.

How Do You Play Donkey Kong Games?

Once you have the Wii or Nintendo Wii U set up, you can easily play Donkey Kong Country and many of its predecessors from the comfort of your living room. Available games range from NES releases through later games like Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong 64, and Donkey Kong Country 3. You can even have Donkey Kong face off against Mario in games like Mario Kart. There are two main ways to put Donkey Kong onto recent devices so that you can play them on the big TV:

  • Virtual:The Wii Virtual Console lets you download and play many games for earlier devices like the Game Boy Advance and the SNES. One issue you may find with the Wii is that its limited storage may reduce the number of games you can choose.
  • Physical:Because the Wii U reads the same disks as the Wii, you can easily play the same physical copies on either console. In fact, the U even supports Wii controls like the nunchuck, so you can enjoy exactly the same experience on both devices.

Picking Games to Play

Anyone who enjoys Donkey Kong can find a wide range of Kong games from the original Donkey Kong through Donkey Konga and even Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast. There are platformers and racing games that you can play with the entire family. It's actually one of the benefits of game franchises like Donkey Kong, they let families play together with characters many of them might have grown up with.

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