Why Buy Wholesale Lots of Dolls and Bears?

Buying at wholesale is an excellent way to get a good deal, as the bulk purchases have a lower cost per unit. Many sellers offer wholesale lots comprising used and broken toys, and these are ideal for anyone who likes to recondition toys and needs spare doll parts, clothes, and button eyes. Sorting through a large lot of dolls is great fun, and it may be possible to sell unwanted dolls to make back some of the initial purchase price.

How can you Clean Dolls?

Many wholesale lots of dolls available at auction comprise used dolls that have been loved and played with by children. As such, it may be necessary to clean some of the dolls before using them for parts, or passing them on to your own children.Plastic dolls are quite robust and durable, but they have painted faces that cleaning chemicals, such as kitchen degreaser, rub away. To avoid damage, remove the doll's clothing, and wipe the plastic with cotton wool soaked in mild soap and water. Do not apply pressure when cleaning painted areas, and ensure the doll is dry before putting the clothes back on. For porcelain dolls, it is possible to use a small amount of rubbing alcohol for ingrained dirt, although in most cases mild soap and water is good enough. If the doll's hair is dusty, comb it though with a fine flea comb. It is possible to place some of the newer cloth dolls and bears in a washing machine, tied inside a pillowcase. However, older toys that are more delicate must be hand washed in cold water, or simply wiped with a damp cloth.

How can you Clean Dolls Clothes?

Doll clothes, particularly for vintage dolls, are very fragile, and putting them in the washing machine is not possible without the risk of damaging the delicate fabrics. Always check that the fabric is colorfast before cleaning, and then hand wash the clothes in cold water, using only a mild cleaning detergent. Leave clothes flat to dry.