Dog Training & Obedience Supplies

Dog Training & Obedience Supplies

Dog training and obedience supplies come in different types for a variety of purposes, such as keeping a pet within a certain range. General, obedience, agility, and defense training all require various tools and knowledge bases for the amateur and professional dog trainer. Understanding how to clean and care for training supplies can significantly aid the training process.

What types of dog training supplies are there?

Training supplies come in a diversity of styles. General training supplies including bark and training collars, electronic fences, specialty leashes, house pads, muzzles, sonic trainers, whistles, treat bags, books, videos, and clickers. Specialty training supplies include tools for dog agility and defensive behaviors, like bite sleeves, suits, and dummies.

  • Bark collars and sonic trainers provide ways to keep a dog in a partially closed or open area. The animal wears a special dog collar, which gives a shock whenever he or she crosses a previously established boundary. Eventually, the dog learns to stay inside the given perimeter using the dog training collar. Electronic fences like the PetSafe wireless system work much the same way to keep the dog in the yard.
  • House pads help puppies with toilet training. They make accident clean-up easy and mess-free, especially on carpet. Muzzles can help puppies or dogs for a variety of different reasons. Often, rescued dogs can have residual anxiety or be wary of new people. Young puppies may have the urge to nip when playing. Proper use of a muzzle can provide comfort for a dog and owner.
  • Whistles, treat bags, books, videos, and clickers are multi-purpose tools for general, agility, and defensive training. Auditory and taste mechanisms are both routes for reminders and positive praise for a wide variety of behaviors.
  • Agility apparatus may include A-frames, poles, tires, or any other obstacle for a dog to navigate successfully with the help of an owner. Police or military dogs may practice defensive behaviors to be able to recognize enemies and respond when cued to protect people. Sleeves, suits, and dummies can all serve as safe ways to practice attacking efficiently.
What are bite sleeves and suits made from?

Most bite sleeves and suits include jute material as padding and lining, covered with leather. Often sleeves have a handle to grasp to keep the sleeve securely in place while the dog bites it. Suits can be made from textiles or Kevlar for extra protection and reinforcement depending on the situation and size and strength of the animal.