Dog Ramps and Stairs

A pet ramp or pet steps could be the perfect way to keep your furry friend safe and happy. Dog steps and pet ramps prevent dogs from jumping or falling when getting into vehicles or on furniture indoors. Some pet ramps are even capable of folding, making them perfect for when you are on-the-go.

What's the purpose of a dog ramp or pet stairs?

A dog ramp is typically used outdoors, mainly to help dogs get in and out of large vehicles. Steps tend to be bulkier and are used inside to help dogs get to different resting areas, such as a bed. Both are used to help prevent injuries to your animals, especially those that are aging and elderly. Some ramps even come equipped with non-slip coating, which prevents falls when your pet is walking.

Does your animal need a ramp?

These aids can help prevent any dog from taking a fall and injuring itself. Pet steps are ideal for aging or elderly dogs that aren't able to move around as well as they once could. Smaller animals that cannot reach certain heights, such as Chihuahuas or Yorkies, can also benefit.

How do you train your animal to use dog stairs?

At first, some pets will avoid using steps. However, training your dog how to use stairs or a ramp is relatively simple.

  • Step One: Place the pet ramp or dog stairs in an area that your pet is familiar with, such as near bed. Make sure it is adjusted to the right height.
  • Step Two: Guide your pet toward the steps with a treat. Reward your pet with a treat when it puts one paw on the dog steps.
  • Step Three: Move the treat further up the dog stairs. As soon as all four paws are on the steps, reward your pet with the treat.
  • Step Four: If your dog jumps off the pet stairs, move back to rewarding for just one paw on the steps.
Can large dogs use these stairs?

Steps and ramps come in many different sizes and are able to accommodate a variety of different-sized animals. The most common reason people invest in stairs is to accommodate their aging or elderly animals. Large dogs especially tend to develop hip and joint problems as they age, making it more difficult for them to move around. Even large dogs, such as Great Danes or Golden Retrievers, can use pet stairs. Always check the measurements of your dog stairs or ramp to make sure it is suitable for your pet. The larger the ramp, the more weight it should be able to hold.

Are dog ramps portable?

Pet ramps are made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Many ramps have a folding ability, making them easy to store or to take on-the-go. Many pet owners opt to keep a dog ramp in their vehicles. While dog stairs are more often used inside the home, some dog steps are able to fold shut for use while traveling. While some ramps or stairs may require assembly to use, the majority can easily be popped-up and adjusted to your preferred height.