Dog Kennels and Cages Offer Safety and Security

There are many times when owners need to enclose their pets safely and comfortably either inside or outside the home. Large outdoor dog kennels are bigger than dog crates and are more often used outside. A large outdoor dog kennel and run offers room to move around, and it usually requires assembly but is very durable once assembled.

What types of dog kennels are available for sale on eBay?

Dog pens and cages can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common types are in these configurations:

  • Kennel runs - A standard outdoor dog kennel or extra-large outdoor dog kennel is large enough to allow a person to enter. These would be commonly used at places that house many dogs.
  • Boxed kennels - Boxed kennels are smaller than runs but are still very roomy and quite adequate for providing shelter to dogs for several hours.
  • Dog cages - These types of pet enclosures are small, but these very sturdy kennels are good for use overnight. They are similar to a sturdy dog crate.
Important characteristics in dog kennels and cages

When choosing small or large dog cages, you should consider your needs. If you are keeping your pet outside for several hours or are using it to exercise different dogs, then you need outdoor dog kennels for large dogs that can be re-configured and allow for easy cleanup. If you just need an outdoor enclosure that provides safety for your dog, a boxed kennel is roomy enough for free movement but is small and rigid enough to allow for easy placement. Dog cages are sturdy wired crates that are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are often used for securing your pet overnight. If you have a large dog that you need housed during the night, then a dog cage is a great choice due to its wired sides and solid flooring.

How are dog kennels and cages constructed?

Dog kennels and cages are constructed with three main types of enclosing features:

  • Metal bars - All kennels and cages have sides. The sides typically are made with bars out of some type of heavy-duty metal. The spaces are large enough to allow free movement of air but small enough to prevent escape.
  • Roofs - Some kennels have roofs that can be made of various materials. Some roofs will be bars, and some roofs will be made of a soft or hard material that may or may not be removable.
  • Floors - Kennels can have floors, and in fact, most dog cages will have floors.