How Has Dodge Stayed On Top?

Dodge is one of the most well-known car companies in the world. The brand has produced some of the most reputable and popular selling cars on the market, and after some ownership changes, the company has continued to stay afloat and produce high-performance and stylish vehicles.

What are some facts about Dodge?

Like all companies, Dodge has had some ups and downs on its way to success. There are some noteworthy facts about the company that make it even more interesting.

  • The company was started by two brothers as a parts supply company in 1900. In 1914, the pair began producing their own vehicles. The company quickly rose in the ranks to become one of the country's top car producers.
  • After the Dodge brothers passed away in 1920, the company was then sold to Dillon, Read, & Co. This was, at the time, the largest cash transaction in history when they purchased Dodge for $146 million.Ultimately, the company was purchased by Chrysler.
  • Dodge made a name for itself in racing with multiple vehicles, including the Dart, Super Bee, and Charger.
  • Through the years the company steadily grew, except during the oil crisis in the '70s. However, after manufacturing multiple popular car models, they were able to stay afloat. The company is currently part of the Chrysler Group.

What are some noteworthy Dodge models?

Dodge has now garnered a reputation for sporty cars as well as family vehicles. Some of the company's most beloved muscle cars include the Charger and the Challenger, which have sleek, stylish looks and a powerful engine under the hood. Family SUVs such as the Durango and Caravan have proved to be top sellers for the company, and the brand also offers a line of heavy-duty Ram trucks. Dodge cars have numerous features but tend to be on the affordable side, keeping them within reach of most every car owner's budget.

What features does a Dodge vehicle offer?

Dodge packs their cars with features in order to keep up with the competition and create an all-around functional vehicle. Some of the features you'll see in these cars include backup cameras, a Park Assist system, and bright, white LED fog lamps. A complete entertainment system that brings SiriusXM satellite radio to your car along with a touch screen that provides easy access to climate controls, apps, and your phone keeps your experience safe and hands-free as you drive. There are also entertainment controls on the steering wheel so your hands never leave the wheel. Dodge prides itself on efficient vehicles, and its vehicles get top-of-the-line gas mileage with the Fuel Saver Technology offered inside. Dodge minivans are powerful enough to tow as well, making them even more useful.

What are Dodge's prominent safety features?

Dodge cars offer a multitude of safety features to give drivers peace of mind on the road. Parking assistance helps you minimize the risk of accidents by letting you know when you're too close to other cars with the aid of a backup camera and front and rear Park Assist. The Blind Spot Monitoring system alerts you when there is a car in your blind spot to ensure smooth lane changes, and brake features like anti-lock brakes and rain brake support provide safe braking.