Choosing the Right Dishwasher for Your Needs

Over the course of a year, a dishwasher can save you a decent amount of time that you would have otherwise spent handwashing dishes. You can find new or used dishwashers of good quality on eBay.

What types of dishwashers are there?

You can choose from built-in, full, countertop, and portable dishwashers. Built-in dishwashers are either full or semi-integrated. You can match the front of a full dishwasher to your cabinets. A semi-integrated dishwasher fits under the countertop and has a front that's different from your cabinets. Countertop dishwashers are around the size of a microwave and are designed to be placed on the countertop. Many countertop models are easy to connect to your kitchen faucet. Each dishwasher may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Portable dishwashers usually have wheels on the bottom so that you can move them out of the way when they're not in use. Widths of portable dishwashers can vary between 18 inches and 24 inches. See the manufacturer site for details. You can find a used portable dishwasher on eBay to save money. New dishwashers are sometimes listed at affordable prices, too.

Features to consider before choosing a reasonably priced dishwasher

Consider which of these features are must-haves for you in a dishwasher to make the right choice:

  • Adjustable racks - This feature gives you flexibility in how you load the dishwasher.
  • Rinse/hold - Some dishwashers have an available rinse/hold cycle that quickly rinses your dishes to minimize odors and prevent food from crusting onto them while you wait on a full load.
  • Soil sensor - Dishwashers that have soil sensors adjust water and cycle time based on how dirty your dishes are. The benefit of this feature is better water efficiency.
  • Wash zone - Do you sometimes have heavily soiled cookware? You may want a dishwasher with a wash zone, an area of the appliance for heavily soiled dishes. It runs a special cycle to clean them.
  • Self-cleaning - This is a convenient feature to have because it reduces how much time you need to spend on maintaining your appliance.
What brands make dishwashers?

Well-known brands that manufacture dishwashers include:

  • Frigidaire: This brand creates built-in dishwashers, with some being Energy Star certified.
  • Bosch: Bosch manufactures high-performance and energy-efficient dishwashers. Some of their dishwashers have three racks.
  • KitchenAid: This brand creates built-in dishwashers in stainless steel, black stainless steel, white, and black.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool mostly manufactures built-in dishwashers but has options in portable models, too. They also make Energy Star certified, ADA compliant, and fingerprint-resistant models.

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