Digimon Trading Cards

You can find a range of rare and powerful Digimon trading cards to use in the game with multiple players and battles. The game is inspired by the Digimon series shown on the anime television show.

What is Digimon?

Digimon actually stands for digital monsters, and the trading card game is used to pit players monsters against each other in individual battles using a card to represent each monster. The key elements of the Digimon adventure are:

  • Television series: The monsters are a part of a digital world, which is represented in the Digimon television series created by Bandai. The television series is in the Japanese style of 'anime' (animated show) and the series shows the battles between different players in the digital world that the Digimon inhabit. An episode covers the adventures of the players and their monsters, and there have been other follow up shows like Digimon Adventure Tri and Digimon Tamers.
  • Card game: The Digimon television show inspired a collectible adventure trading card game. The card game is a way to experience the battles in the digital world during an adventure, in real life with your friends and other players.
  • Toys and video games: In addition to the card game, there are also toys inspired by Digimon Adventure, along with a video game and other spin-offs like the Digimon Appli multimedia experience.

How Does The Digimon Card Game Work?

The card game has a few rules which control the battles between players. You can replicate battles from an episode of the television show.

  • Collectible cards: You can build up your card deck by collecting new and rare cards with different abilities. You can purchase a card to fill in different parts of your deck which may need more power. You can find a specific monster card or an option card depending on what you are looking for. You can also buy singles or decks of cards. A card has different elements on it like a power score which is used in different parts of the game.
  • Phases: There are several phases of play, like the draw phase, move phases and attack phase, which decide how the Digimon adventure will be fought and won.
  • Digivolve: You can digivolve your Digimon to increase their strength and attack abilities for an adventure. This is done during the digivolve phase of play.

How Can I Build My Deck of Digimon Trading Cards?

You can work with a specific type of card to build a deck, or use many cards.

  • Monsters from your favorite episodes: The Digimon anime has many episodes which feature a different adventure each time. This means that you can choose a favorite episode from any of the series including Digimon Adventure Tri or even from the Bandai video game Digimon World 3.The anime has over 400 total episodes of the different anime series with monsters like Butter-fly, V-Tamer, V-Pet, D-Reaper, D-Tector, Greymon, Agumon and many more. The digital monsters from the world in the original Digimon Adventure anime are widely available.
  • Starter decks with basic cards: If you need to get started playing the trading card game, you can buy a simple starter deck with all the cards you need.
  • Easy to understand and play: Whether you are playing in English or Japanese, you can find cards to suit your preference.

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