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Differentials and Parts for Chevrolet Camaros

The differential plays an important role in transmitting an engine's energy to the car's rear wheels. When the gears inside this all-weather part wear out, the differential may need to be replaced. You can find a differential and spare parts for your Chevrolet Camaro and learn more about them here.

What does the differential do?

A differential is a gearbox at the junction between the transmission and rear axle of an automobile. It's designed in such a way that the energy from the engine is transmitted to the left and right wheels independently. This makes it possible for each wheel to turn at different rates, which is necessary because the inside wheel turns slower than the outside wheel when a vehicle turns or drives in a circle.

What are the symptoms of a faulty differential?

There are a few signs that you may need to service or replace your vehicle's differential.

  • Broken-down gear oil: If the gear oil in the differential isn't changed in a timely manner, the lubricant can break down and cause damage to your differential's gears. Pay attention to the maintenance intervals for your vehicle's differential and have it serviced if it's past time for an inspection.
  • Whining noises: If your transmission or differential gearbox produce loud whining noises during turns or even while you're driving straight, you should have the differential inspected as soon as possible.
  • Damaged gears: If the gears in the differential become too worn to engage properly, then it may be time to replace the gearbox.
What types of spare parts are available for differentials?

In addition to the full differential assembly, you can sometimes make repairs with spare parts. Below is a list of differential-related parts.

  • Axle-shaft splines: Axle-shaft splines can wear or break, making engagement with the differential problematic or impossible.
  • C-clips and hardware: C-clips and other fasteners sometimes break or are lost and need to be replaced.
  • Ring and pinion gears: The ring and pinion gears are some of the moving parts in a differential that wear away until they start slipping. These replacement Camaro parts can fix this particular problem.
  • Replacement gear kits: If you are reconditioning a used differential, gear kits have all of the gears, fasteners, and gaskets you need to replace old and worn out components.
  • Chrome covers: Chrome covers can be damaged by debris or accidents.
  • Gaskets: Leaking gear oil is usually caused by bad gaskets. You can often find differential-related gaskets sold individually or in kits.
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