Dietary Sports Supplements

Proper diet and training are vital to achieving your athletic performance goals. While your nutrition should primarily come from a healthy diet, a solid supplementation strategy can sometimes further enhance your performance and overall health. There are many sports and dietary supplements on the market, and there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right supplements for you.

What is the difference between sports and dietary supplements?

Each type of supplement serves a distinct purpose in your overall health, so be sure to pick one aligns with your fitness or nutrition goals.

  • Sports Supplements: The main purpose of this type of supplement is to enhance performance in sports, increase productivity in your workouts, and assist in muscle recovery.
  • Dietary Supplements: Here, the main purpose of the supplement is to enhance your nutrition and overall health by adding additional vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients to support your lifestyle.
What type of sports supplements are there?

There are a couple types to choose from depending on your goals and what you want to accomplish in your training. The type of product you use in this category will ultimately fall into one of the following categories: pre-workout or post-workout.

  • Pre-workout: Pre-workout products are mainly for energy and stamina. They are to be taken before your workout to provide you with the energy boost and endurance needed to complete your training. Amino acids can be an effective supplement to take before a rigorous strength training workout.
  • Post-workout: These are used for post-workout recovery. Products containing proteins are effective in rebuilding fatigued muscles. If you are an endurance athlete, you will likely need a post-workout supplement to restore electrolytes.
What type of dietary supplement do you need?

In addition to pre or post-workout supplements that are designed to help your athletic performance, dietary supplements are also important to provide your body with the every-day nutrients you need to enjoy a healthy life. Similar to workout and performance products, you first need to think about your health goals before you can find the right supplement. Here are some strategies you can follow to find the right vitamins and dietary products to fit your needs. While the below are guidelines, you should check with your healthcare provider to further discuss your options.

  • Increased Energy: Look for vitamins B12 and D.
  • Heart and Vascular Health: Many have found fish oil to be effective in helping with cholesterol.
  • Immune Strength: Vitamin C is an option.