Diaper Bags

Diaper bags should be both comfortable and stylish. There is an endless variety of items children require, and diaper bags must be able to hold all of these items without making organization a nightmare. Thankfully there are options for every preference from how they are carried to how they are organized.

What are the different types of diaper bags?

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all diaper bag. Some well-known styles of diaper bags are tote bags, the backpack diaper bag, and messenger bags.

  • Totes- The tote is essentially a large handbag. The similarity to purses allows wearers look stylish while carrying parenting gear. Totes generally have large openings that allow for easy storage and have straps large enough to carry in-hand or over the shoulder.
  • Backpacks- The backpack diaper bag leans heavily towards convenience and function over style. Backpacks free up a parent's hands and are easy to carry. The downside is that that these bags can't be accessed while you wear them.
  • Messenger bags- These options are the favorite for many dads as they often come in men's styles, across multiple brands. These bags offer the convenience of access while wearing them.
What are some things to look for in a diaper bag?

Regardless of style, there are several things to consider. The weight and comfort of diaper bags vary widely. Parents need to carefully weigh all of the relevant factors when purchasing a diaper bag.

  • Weight- A diaper bag can come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. It should be no surprise then that they can also vary a great deal by weight. Some options may be too heavy or bulky for a parent's body type and can lead to fatigue or injury. It's important parents take weight, height, and physical condition into account.
  • Ease of Organization- From side pockets intended for bottles to zipper pouches for a parent's car keys, the ease of organizing the bag is important. Parents should determine if they prefer a singular large open space in the bag or they find multiple pockets and compartments more convenient.
  • Comfort- Parents grab their diaper bag any time the baby leaves the house. With such frequent use, it's common sense to select a bag that is comfortable to wear or carry and efficient during changing.
How do you care for a diaper bag?
  • 1. Empty the bag of everything you intend to keep and then turn your bag over a trash can to remove small debris or trash.
  • 2. Vacuum the interior of the bag to remove any crumbs or debris that didn't shake out.
  • 3. Clean the exterior of your bag. For a synthetic diaper bag, It's recommended to use upholstery cleaner on any heavy stains for five minutes before gently scrubbing with a toothbrush. For leather, most commonly found in the backpack diaper bag or tote styles, use a rag with leather cleaner to wipe down its exterior. Let dry before applying leather conditioner.